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Why Cats Are The Best!


I’d like to say that cats are the best. Well I would say that if I didn’t already acknowledge the cuteness that is doggies as well but there is honestly something about kittens and cats that makes me love them so much. The internet entirely agrees with me on this one!

My Instagram feed has cats on it and my Tumblr as well. I have a cat myself and ifΒ I see a cat on the street I try to befriend it (even though they sometimes don’t want that).

The good reasons I love them:

  • They’re independent and take good care of themselves for the most part
  • They’re not attention seeking (most of them) or bother you all the time
  • They’re fluffy, have cute eyes and paws
  • My cats never run away if left unattended
  • They can be very sly, evil and schemey yet when they try to execute their plans they can fail very miserably
  • They love to play with strings and are a good target for laser pointers
  • They require less training and know where to shit and pee
  • They kill pests and leave you them as presents (ngaww thanks?)
  • My cats never scratch or bite unless aggravated and quite frankly I’d do the same if I were a pissed off cat
  • They don’t jump at you, they wait patiently and if they like you, they will come to you instead
  • They’re quiet, I absolutely hate the sound of barking because it sounds threatening even if it’s a friendly one
  • They show affection in a cute way by rubbing their body and head against you

Some of my favourite cat breeds:

  • Normal domesticated mix breeds are perfectly fine with me
  • Tabby


They’re average looking but still wonderful. I used to have one that I loved so incredibly much because it was so gentle and loving.

  • Ragdoll


These cats are gorgeous with their white fur and blue eyes.

  • Scottish fold


  • British shorthair


Scottish fold’s and British shorthairs have these squishy fat faces, round eyes and stocky build that makes them super cuddly looking just like a giant teddy bear.

  • Munchkin


Munchkins have these itty bitty little cute legs that make me wonder “HOW ON EARTH ARE THOSE HOLDING YOU UP KITTY?!”. Simply adorable.

CAT TIP: If you come across a stray or stranger cat and you want to be friendly with it, don’t go up to it but just look at it while blinking. The fact that you are blinking at them shows that you aren’t a threat to them because you feel safe enough to close your eyes even for one second. I think it’s because with animal instincts when you’re alarmed or feel threatened the last thing you’d do is close your eyes. Maybe the cat will become more at ease with you and allow you to get closer and pet it. πŸ™‚

Though in saying this I’ve had random cats come up to me wanting to be friends out of no where on their own accord. I am the stranger cat whisperer.

Why do you love kitties?

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I'm a Marketing professional by day, blogger by night and a beauty lover 24/7. My perfect day would consist of taking my sweet time putting on makeup, bargain hunting at secondhand markets, trying new cuisines and feeding stray kitties.


  1. This made me laugh because one of my best friends absolutely loves cats. I myself love dogs but I can definitely see why you are a cat lover. When I was little, a cat scratched my face and I got a bad infection after the fact and I believe that it why I tend to lean towards dogs more. I enjoyed reading this post though!


    • Thank you so much πŸ™‚ I had a similar experience to you when I was young where a giant german shepherd bit me on the leg. Now I’m forever scared of dogs no matter their size but I can still look at cute doggies from a safe distance too haha.


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