Month: Jul 2014

Beauty Advice: Tips on How To Curl Straight, Asian Eyelashes

How many straight lashed girls out there would there be that would figuratively KILL for curly lashes? How many huh? Although I wouldn’t go to the extent of even figuratively killing, my straight eyelashes have been one of my all-time pet peeves of my own body. I no longer dislike that my eyes are a bit smaller than I’d like them to be but it’s my lashes that make them look even smaller! Eyelashes, why you so unfair?!

My False Eyelash Lifehack

When I first began learning how to use false eyelashes I realised a big problem. BESIDES the big problem of how to put them on properly I mean. Was I just meant to stand there in the middle of my room and hold the lashes until the glue dried or put them on some surface to let them dry? I tried the first option but I soon realised I didn’t have the time or grip to hold it until the glue became tacky. There were too many times where I accidentally dropped the lashes glue and all on the ground. Oh dear. I then tried the second option but found out even faster than with the first method that false lashes were not shaped in a way that allowed them to rest nicely on a table. My white vanity table does not like black eyelash glue. 😦 And then an ingenious idea came to me. Voila! Use these inexpensive babies to hold up your lashes as you go about the rest of your routine. Simple and …