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N2 Extreme Gelato (Chinatown, Sydney)

First post of this type for me but I decided to venture into the genre of food blogging to add to my original ‘whatever I want’ personal blog. I don’t want to create another new blog because I’m not a ‘foodie’ and will straight out say I probably won’t visit enough places to keep the blog thriving so into the mixture this post goes!

I find myself searching for new places to try on blogs with the most ridiculous and pompous food terminology used. I just don’t understand it – STOP WITH THE JARGON AND GIVE ME THE FOOD!

Hmm perhaps I shall call it…



N2 Extreme Gelato – Shop 43, 1 Dixon Street, Sydney NSW 2000

I’ve heard all too much about how wonderful N2 extreme gelato was from social media but I never ventured into the shop as I walked past it during my bored-on-break-at-university rounds because more often than not it was filled with people lining up. To me, lines mean good stuff but it also means oh no…that wait.



What I love about this place is the detail and the concept. The decor is wonderfully mix of cute and geek with the servers wearing white lab coats making them look like they’re taking their gelato making very seriously *pushes up black thick-rimmed glasses*.

As soon as you walk to the shop front you can the white clouds of liquid nitrogen from the machines they use to make the goodies. They store gelato/sorbet mixtures in conical flasks with little rubber stopper and serve their gelatos with plastic syringes (without the needle part) filled with warm gooey chocolate. Honestly these will be the only type of syringes I’ve been administered willingly. Haha.


Their menu, I daresay, isn’t very large just like the store itself but I’m satisfied with the fact that they do little but do it well. The popular 3 items were $8 per cup and the rest are $6 which is a bit pricey considering it’s only one cup but I’d like to counter argue my stingy self with the fact that the gelato is made on premises and look super appealing. They even offer handy diagrams to show you roughly how your order will look instead of getting the thing, being disappointed and smiling to reassure them that you like it even though you don’t. We’ve all done that for haircuts.

Another commendation I’d like to give is that the servers are gun. Honestly! We visited on a Saturday midday and the lines were never ending for the 30 odd minutes we spent there however they kept up pretty well with the orders and we didn’t feel as if the wait for ordering and for our order to be ready irritated us too much. Kudos!


We ordered the Ferrero Reveal first…

The taste was on point and exactly how I imagined it to be. The Nutella gelato was smooth and had pieces of hazelnut in it which also meant that you had something to chew on too.

The wafer wasn’t really my thing and was just in the way of the glorious stuff underneath. Perhaps something like a chocolate finger biscuit would have been nice although that might have meant chocolate overload. The only real drawback was that the chocolate syringe was hard to squeeze out as the tip froze. I was honestly anticipating some wearable chocolate on my face or clothes.


After the first cup we then decided we would do as Pokemon trainers would. We gotta catch them all!

Second round with the Deconstructed Choc Lava. This one was a little disappointing probably because I had this image in my head that it was molten chocolate inside the gelato . Other this and the slightly messy chocolate powder it was reasonably tasty however a little bit plainer than the Ferrero Reveal. Paying $8 a cup, I’m sure most people don’t want ‘plain’.

I think I might head over again some time to try the Chocolate creme egg. Creme brulee and gelato?! Yes please!

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon


Store: 7.5/10 place was a bit too small with so much people traffic so you will have to enjoy your gelato outside the store or elsewhere but the location is very easy to find

Concept: 8/10 novel concept with great detail

Menu: 7.5/10 they have minimal choices but I heard they change their menu up every so often

Waiting time: 8/10 okay for such a large amount of customers

Servers: 9/10 friendly and helpful in describing the items despite the long line

Value for money: 7/10 the price was on the premium end for the amount you get

Taste: 8.5/10 the flavours were solid and satisfied my sweet tooth

What interesting flavours have you tried at N2?

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