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Pho Tau Bay (Cabramatta, Sydney)


It’s winter time in Sydney at the moment. Australia is just like any other place in Winter. Cold and sad. Haha as you can tell I don’t like the season very much – I’m much more of a tropical, warm-weather girl. However one thing I can appreciate about it is the fact that hot hearty food tastes a whole lot better than it does in most other seasons. Winter and hot food are just meant to be!

Pho Tau Bay – Shop 12/117 John St, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Or as I like to call it – Photo Bay. 😛


This shop pops up on the “Best Pho in Sydney” lists all over the Internet and I can see why. Quite frankly I wasn’t expecting too much of a difference between the Pho from this store and the previous ones I’ve tried in Cabramatta especially because it was located on a street I never walk past. I mean…Pho has broth, beef, noodle and the regular sides of bean sprouts, lemon and basil/mint as well as dipping sauces – what’s new?

But when I bit into the beef? Oh that beef! I was surprised in the nicest way. Was beef actually able to be this tender and soft in Pho?! I thought it was just that thin stuff that clumped together after it was scalded in the broth, not this tender beef that almost fell apart in my mouth. The broth was pretty flavourful too, one of the best ones I’ve tried besides another store in Cabramatta. Beefy, hearty, sweet and feels like a lovely warm hug in the form of soup in your tummy.

However one downside was the broth was not scalding so my beef didn’t cook properly but luckily I’m okay with medium-rare beef. Hopefully this was just with me and not how they usually do it.


I ordered a Pho Tai – Pho with rare beef.

Pho Tau Bay on Urbanspoon


Store: 6.5/10 the store was reasonably furnished just like most Asian restaurants – tables, chairs, oriental decor…what more do you want?

Menu: 7/10 as a specialty pho restaurant you can assume the extent of their menu

Waiting time: 8/10 no waiting time for being seated and only a short wait for the meals

Servers: 7/10 efficient and speedy

Value for money: 8/10 reasonable price for my meal $11 for a regular rare beef pho, $14 for a large size, however in Cabramatta it is a bit more pricey than the average of around $10-$12

Taste: 8.5/10 the broth was great and beef was so tender, the broth could have been hotter though as my beef wasn’t able to be cooked as much as I’d want

Where did you have your best bowl of Pho?

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