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DIY Make Your Own Cute Makeup Bag/Pouch


Things like sewing and knitting are my soft spots. Although I can say I’m not the best at them both I just love the idea of making things for yourself because of the level of customisation I can achieve. UGH! It’s just great that I can essentially have any colour, pattern and style I can get my hands on just by making it myself. Some of the things they sell in store are great but I’d always find myself saying “I wish this bit was like this.” or “I wish this colour was different.”. With DIY I can satisfy that OCD product itch.

Recently I got my sewing machine back and it’s been years since I’ve last touched it and made anything. It’s been too long my old friend. Why I never followed through with taking you back? No one will know…

I decided my first project would be something small and cute since I was really not too sure if my skills had deteriorated or not. I used a simple tutorial I found on Youtube (PS: Youtube, Pinterest and blogs are the best places to find cute crafty ideas to play around with!) and headed to my favourite craft store to grab my materials.

As I hinted in a previous post, I’ve recently fallen in love with Parisian stripes and love how chic they look despite being so simple. So by combining my love of sewing and stripes, I made this love baby!


 My colour coordination skills are off the charts with my new thermal cup!


Store all your beauty essentials or tidbits.


When sewing, OCD tendencies are perfect! Look at how lined up those stripes are. *satisfied*


It’ll be handy to make them long enough to store makeup brushes on-the-go as well. 😀

I used:

  • 4 pieces of fabric (2 outer and 2 inner) about 27cmx19cm but can vary depending on how large you want the bag to be
  • 25cm zipper, length will vary
  • Black thread
  • A sewing machine

To make the bag I simply followed the instructions on the video however cut the fabric a bit larger and the corners a bit smaller than specified. AND YOU’RE FINISHED!

Now when someone sees the product of your hardwork and asks where you managed to find such a cute makeup bag you can cheekily say, I made it myself! And besides…isn’t it more satisfying to know not everyone can pick up one of these babies in the stores? I’d like to think so. 😀

Get crafty!

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