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Beauty Advice: Tips on How To Curl Straight, Asian Eyelashes

How many straight lashed girls out there would there be that would figuratively KILL for curly lashes?

How many huh? Although I wouldn’t go to the extent of even figuratively killing, my straight eyelashes have been one of my all-time pet peeves of my own body. I no longer dislike that my eyes are a bit smaller than I’d like them to be but it’s my lashes that make them look even smaller! Eyelashes, why you so unfair?!

eva-longoria_416x416Kim Kardashian Long Eyelashes

I don’t even want them to be as ridiculous looking as Kim K’s or Eva Longoria’s (although I do know they use falsies for their red carpet looks) I’d just like for them not to hang in front of my eyeballs like curtains. I think it’s practically been one of my life-long beauty goals to find some technique or products that can make my eyelashes curlier.

To date I won’t daresay I’ve perfected the method to make them curly and stay curly for long lengths of time, but I think I’m onto something to make it just a little bit easier for us girls.

Here are my tips on turning straight lashes into curly ones:

    • Coat your lashes with clear mascara. Let the clear mascara dry before doing anything as the clear mascara acts like hairspray or mousse if you will. It can help set the curls better and make them longer lasting. These can be picked up for quite cheap and don’t need to be fancy at all.
    • Use a great eyelash curler, one that fits the size of your eyes. If the curler doesn’t contour to the shape of your eyes, chances are that it will be very hard for the rubber pad and metal to grip all your lashes properly. For those who smaller eyes or differently shaped eyes would definitely benefit from an eyelash curler made for Asian eyes. There are so many Japanese brands that make these eyelash curlers including popular ones as Koji which come in varying sizes and the famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler.
    • Use a hairdryer to warm up the eyelash curler, especially the rubber pad. The heat from the curler helps manipulate the lashes like a flat iron when it straightens hair. A very important safety precaution is to remember to check the temperature of the curler by taping it with your finger until it’s just warm to touch so that you don’t burn your eyeballs.
    • Learn the technique of curling lashes by clamping multiple times along the lashes. This can be done by first clamping the curler at the base of the lashes, loosening the curler then moving it along the lash just a bit more and repeating it until you reach the end of the lashes in an outwards and upwards motion. You could probably get a good 4 clamps out of the length of your lashes which makes for a natural upwards curl.
      You’d much rather doing this technique a few times than clamping the curler down for so long onto your lashes that it creates right angled eyelashes.
    • Put your mascara on one coat at a time, letting the coat dry first before putting another coat on. If you glunk one big coat onto your lashes you will most likely weigh your lashes down and straighten them. Imagine having longer lashes where they still covered over your eyes. That would be even worse than before!
      Brush on a light coat of mascara, let it dry then repeat until its right. I use Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara as it lets me work each coat at a time while coating each lash evenly. Don’t everdo the mascara because just like foundation, the more you put on the more unnatural it becomes. You’d have cake face but on your eyelashes. Cake eyelashes.

So these are my 5 personal tips for curling your pesky straight lashes and I hope they can help you on your own beauty journey.

What’s your tricks in getting perfect lashes?

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I'm a Marketing professional by day, blogger by night and a beauty lover 24/7. My perfect day would consist of taking my sweet time putting on makeup, bargain hunting at secondhand markets, trying new cuisines and feeding stray kitties.

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