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Auburn Botanic Gardens – The Auburn Aviary – Auburn Arts Studio

Auburn Botanical Gardens – Chiswick Rd, Auburn NSW 2144 (02) 9735 1222
Weekdays 9AM-5PM | Weekends in Summer 9AM-6PM | Winter 9AM-5PM
Entry fee for Auburn residents and children under 16 is free non residents pay $4 normally and $5 in festival periods

I’ve always loved the feel of gardens because of the effort that gets put into keeping them prim and proper. Gardens are beautiful areas away from the hussle and bussle. I’m a rural girl at heart so I hate having to hear artificial noises in my surroundings. I’m not sure if I’d be able to live in an apartment where I can hear absolutely everything the neighbours do. I mean COME ON who wears heels around the house at night?!

With the immense amount of suburban homes surrounding this particular garden, it was actually hard for me to believe it could be very nature-y at all. But when I stepped through the arched ways into the popular Japanese gardens I was mind blown. This pretty place? In the middle of ugly rows and rows of concrete and brick houses. It was like the real version of “The Secret Garden” only with this one it was already done up and didn’t need Mary’s help.


auburn-botanic-garden auburn-botanic-garden

Key point of any Japanese garden. Red bridge and cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossom season is at the end of May and middle of August.

auburn-botanic-garden auburn-botanic-garden auburn-botanic-garden 2014-07-27 12.25.01 auburn-botanic-garden auburn-botanic-garden auburn-botanic-garden


This was taken at the highest point in the gardens.
You’ll find a little partially hidden staircase leading up to this magnificent view.


I have to mention one thing though. Throughout the whole visit I was wondering why the water so darned green-blue in colour. Did they put a dye in the water? Or some chemicals to make it this way? I saw tiny fish swimming in it so I doubt it’s harmful at all.
I’m genuinely curious why…


I bet suburban bees are thankful for this place! Mmm pollen…




Be zen. Be calm. OOO look at that tiny little bridge!
Obviously being zen isn’t my thing.

In the gardens they also had native animals and plants to check out. As soon as I walked in I was both saddened by their captivity but amused by this little fella here.


“What am I doing with my life? It’s been years and I’ve got nothing to show for myself. All I do is sit around all day.”


An Albino one! So white and pretty. 😀

This was the scene of a tragic freak out. I was watching the animals feeling sad because they were locked up when behind this rock lay a trap. My better half exclaimed “Look over there!” and I did. And because of this I received a pretty good shock.


HONK! Uncontained bird hiding behind the large rocks awaiting to chase you.


“Well hello baby, fancy a roo?”


The aviary upset me even more than the native animal area. They’re birds. They’re meant to fly free yet their cages don’t let them fly. They see all that space that above them they can’t reach.
We walked out of here pretty quick. It was just too sad.


Places with no other people are the best places to admire some lovely art work. 🙂

auburn-botanic-garden-artsstudioauburn-botanic-garden-artsstudioauburn-botanic-garden-artsstudioThe gardens and art studio are definitely worth a look around. At $4 its pretty affordable to visit on the weekends to indulge yourself. If you’re like me though, try not to go near the animals…it’s quite heartbreaking.

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