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How To Remove Used Candle Wax From Containers And Reuse Them


So you’ve bought that lovely smelling candle from IKEA and have lit it up to let its warm fragrance fill your room. After a while of burning it becomes apparent that these candles, although cheap, are poorly designed because it never seems to burn evenly leaving a whole clump of wax around the edges and only the middle bit eaten away. If only they made them with two wicks so they could burn better! Sigh, you can only wish for that but what a waste it is now!

Or is it?

Here’s my personal trick to reuse the candle and glass container.

I used:

  • Column electric heater (you can use a bowl of hot water too, just anything that’ll heat up enough to melt some of the wax)
  • A stick
  • Tissues
  • Scented oil burner and a tealight


First off heat the whole candle holder to melt the wax enough for it to move.
I put the heater on medium to high heat.


Use a stick to loosen the wax by forcing it in circular motions until it comes loose.


Flick the wax out and pop out the metal wick holder.


Clean the wax residue off the container with some tissues.
If you’re finding it hard to remove the wax because it has hardened just run it under some warm to hot water to melt it again.


The containers can be reused to organise your stuff.
I use them as containers for my lipsticks and makeup. πŸ™‚


You can seal the leftover wax you removed into little ziplock bags and when you’re ready you can heat them up again on some scented oil burners.
You can also break up the wax into smaller blocks so you can burn a few pieces at a time.


No wastage at all and it’s as simple as that!

How do you like to stop wastage?

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