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Chur Burger (Surry Hills, Sydney)


It should be every food eating person’s life-time mission to find the best burger they could possibly get their hands on. For this post, my mission has brought me to one of the most talked about burger joints in Sydney and I really wanted to find out why.

Chur Burger – 48 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Chur – Pacific Island slang for something on the lines of cheers, thanks or awesome. Or so I’m told (by the wall in the restaurant haha).

chur-burger-surryhills chur-burger-surryhills


Credit of this image above goes to their website.

The interior of this place was a mix modern cafe with a bit of art and music loud enough to start scream-talking over. Chur was very packed at lunch on a Saturday with almost every seat filled. Upon coming in we were greeted by a server who showed us to some spare seats which happened to be the type I HATED. The tall ones. You know, the ones you would have at a bar with a drink you hold in your hand most of the time and not when you have to raise both arms to hold a burger over a plate. At 5’3 I’m not tall enough to be able to eat comfortably at these tables and my tired shoulders concurred.

But despite that we came here for the burgers and a curiosity of how a milkshake could cost $8 so we ordered these bad boys at the counter.

The menu from their website:



Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo and pickle.

The beef wasn’t dry, bread was great, flavours were good together and the cheese oozed out when you bit into the middle! *drool*


Marinated grilled chicken, hot sauce mayo and minted slaw.

Out of the two burgers this was the winner. Beef burgers are beef burgers but a chicken burger thats not some slab of grilled chicken or schnitzel? Very interesting…
The meat was juicy and tender while the sauce gave it a tiny baby kick to remind you it wasn’t just the marinade that was tasty.
I probably should have added some hot sauce to make it a bit hotter but we wanted to see the burgers for what the chefs made them as. Sort of like a girl without her makeup, you gotta see it for what it is first.


Salted Caramel milkshake.

The size of the milkshake was very reasonable, the caramel flavour was wonderful but did someone accidentally go heavy on the salt?! My poor tongue was very confused by the sweetness then sudden sucker punch of salt.

This milkshake should not bring the boys to the yard.

Chur Burger on Urbanspoon


Store: 8.5/10 the interior was great and seating was reasonable for the small space, only major fault is the tall tables because I hate them with a short-person passion

Menu: 9/10 simple to read and order from and seemed to be just the right amount of items available – not too little for choice or too much to confuse me

Waiting time: 7/10 the waiting time for such a busy day was 15 to 20 minutes for us to get our food after ordering but I think I only give it a 7 because the servers disappointed my hopes after she had said she could move us to a window seat

Servers: 7.5/10 were friendly enough and quickly served us, brought our food over when it was cooked and cleaned efficiently too

Value for money: 8/10 the burgers were, in my opinion, reasonably priced for their quality and flavour but I still don’t understand the $8 milkshakes

Taste: 8.5/10 it would have been a 9 if it weren’t for the ocean in my milkshake 😦

What was your experience?

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