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Glebe Markets (Glebe, Sydney)


Glebe Markets – Glebe Public School – 40 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037
Every Saturday 10AM-4:30PM
Free entry



The location of Glebe markets was super easy to find for us on the fine blue-skied day we decided to pay it a visit 🙂 If you’re catching a train like I did, just walk down George St West through Broadway past UTS and soon enough you’ll see on the right side there’ll be Glebe Point Rd which is roughly opposite the gardens outside USYD. Walk along Glebe Point Rd and you’ll find a cute little primary school transformed into a weekly market!

While I was making my way down Glebe Point Rd I realised I had forgot to check the number on the address. However my worries were quickly relieved as I watched packs of people in the near distance heading towards one place in particular and as all sane people would do, I followed the strangers.

It kind of surprised me that a little market like this could bring so many people, in fact the 7-Eleven across the road was filled with eager young’uns withdrawing from the ATM to purchase that special something to take home from the markets (as expected the shopkeeper was not pleased but I have a feeling he has come to terms with this weekly occurrence).

Glebe Markets has a great selection of stalls ranging from stallholders selling handmade art, designers with their new clothes and jewellery and of course the vintage or used items (with live cultural music to compliment the shopping experience too). The markets even had a selection of food stalls to feed the hungry mass in the midst of their bargain hunting. In my opinion, this market definitely had a winning range of stalls to offer. No wonder so many people visit this place!

However due to the large amount of things to see, smell, hear and touch I didn’t quite get to get many pictures in the markets as each aisle and stall was packed with people browsing through the items. Unfortunately, I can only describe to you my experience at the markets this time around but I hope to take more pictures at my next market.

Upon entering the gates of the primary school I was confronted with enough people to make me start using my ninja crowd-dodging skills to get to the things I wanted to see. You see, I have mastered this trick in which I use my small petite figure and perfect timing to my advantage to slide sideways past people gaps no one would normally fit through. Don’t try my trick if you cannot handle it though! It’ll be very embarrassing to be wedged between two strangers as you rudely try to overtake them. 😉

Once I slid past the crowd I found myself drawn to the buckets of pre-loved clothes on sale. I think this may partly be due to instinct. When I see a mess of clothes in a store I’d just want to rummage thoroughly through the whole heap to find that special little hidden treasure for a great price. The sense of satisfaction from finding something others seemed to have missed due to their impatience is gratifying!

At these markets, unless you’re loaded with cash try not to check out the jewellery stands owned by the Korean people because their jewellery is adorable. So adorable in fact that once you hear the price your smile would turn upside down into a small frown. Now that’s not to say the pieces aren’t worth it but not having a price tag on the jewellery decreased my motivation significantly. My other half told me they don’t put the price tags on so they can change the prices according to how much they think you can afford. So…apparently I looked like I could pay $30 for a ring and $69 for a small necklace. YIKES! Moving along now.

Opt for the small stalls with the pre-loved items and clearly marked prices because it’ll be these stallholders that need their things gone in a jiffy. Not to mention if you use good rummaging techniques you’ll easily find unique pieces at great prices. Win-win situation here!

As I reflect on it now, my experience at Glebe Markets was enjoyable and rewarding as well because I didn’t go home empty handed. In total I purchased 3 items – all of which I do not regret one bit.


I spotted a little candle stand in the very back corner of the markets and was intrigued by their unique range of scents. As you can see here I picked out one of the most notable scents in history – Chanel No.5.
The adorable lady selling these also informed me that you can even rub the heated oils from the candle to use as a body fragrance as well. Bonus!

I also managed to pick up a couple of adorable pre-loved casual dresses from separate stalls. They were in perfect condition and an absolute steal at $5 for the lace cream dress and $10 for the floral strappy dress.

applemeeko-glebemarkets-dress-chiffon applemeeko-glebemarkets-dress-floral

I am going to LOVE wearing these dresses and surprising others with where I got them at any chance I get! Haha. Well this is one market ticked off the list and I already can’t wait for my future market adventures!

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I’d love to learn of some new markets to visit from you guys in the comments below!

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