Month: Sep 2014

Thoughts Of a Newly 20-Something-Year-Old

It’s been these few years that I’ve entered this new and strange stage in my life that I have dreaded. The part of myย life where I find myself too young to be cold and bitter but too old to be reckless and not have any responsibilities anymore. It’s my personal little limbo, a place I cannot escape entirely but rather a battle to conquer in some way or another to reach the next level of my life. Almost gone are the teen days where I would believe that my features and body were as important as I made them out to beย such as my eyes being smaller than considered pretty, complexion was too troubled, why I wasn’t a bit taller and so on. I realised I was getting upset at the fact that I didn’t fit some unwritten rulebook of what society accepts and although I’ve acknowledged it, I still can’t help but let it get to me sometimes. But that’s okay, my self-acceptance isย in the making.