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Grill’d (Parramatta, Sydney)


As I mentioned in my previous burger stop at Chur Burger, it should be every food eating person’s life-time mission to find the best burger they could possibly get their hands on. The mission is alive and kicking and it has led me to try that one burger chain around town that I’ve always wanted to but never ended up trying.

Grill’d – Inside Westfields, 310 Church St Parramatta 2150

I’d just like to put this observation out into the open but is there some rule that the decor in burger restaurants have to be sort of vintage/artsy/industrial/shabby? This is not to say that I don’t like the style, in fact I find it quite endearing it’s just got to that stage where it’s a uniform. Mostly all the same.

In any case the decor in this place is as I like it! Endearingly artsy and particularly detailed from the menu, brochures and even their local charity projects. Their business mantra is basically burgers that are made of healthy stuff (not like the fatty mystery meat filled burgers you’d find in some better known burger chains) and I believe its a well needed change from the usual burger stereotype. A burger is not a once in a long time thing to keep yourself alive sort of thing anymore.



 Grill’d was detailed up to the knife sheath! Now that’s dedication.


At Grill’d there is one thing I don’t find elsewhere though. A sort of warm community feeling within the restaurant patrons and also the greater community the restaurant serves. They have this wonderful project and incentive program where each diner is given a bottle cap to put into large jars dedicated for certain community groups each week. The group with most caps will be presented with $300 while the other two groups will also receive $100. As I sat near the jars I had the joy of seeing the customers decide which group resonated the best with with and place their support in the jars. I think that really adds the element of humanity.

The menu at Grill’d is quite extensive and very well rounded in terms of the burgers in each choice of meats but if you’re vegetarian I guess hmm the options are minimal.


We ordered the Grill’d Bird & Brie as well as the Mustard & Pickled! Yes that was an item on the menu with an exclamation point. Should we have raised our voices more excitedly when it was ordered? Haha. Lame.


The chicken burger ordered was…I’d hate to say it…but not super great. I mean it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. The burger lacked any distinctable flavour and seemed a bit too healthy if that’s possible. I’m sure there would be a way to make these burgers taste amazing while keeping them healthy too right?


The MUSTARD AND PICKLED! (finally used the joke) was much better as the ingredients in it were very well rounded as a whole. Lettuce and tomato for freshness, juicy beef for the main point and the acidic kick of mustard and pickles. You can’t go wrong with this burger. Unless you don’t like mustard…or pickles…or both but that would be a different story.

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Store: 9/10 usual vintage decor but the little things were very detailed and well thought out

Menu: 9/10 extensive and offered a wide range however it was still easy to order from

Waiting time: 8/10 there wasn’t a particularly long waiting time after we ordered, I’d say maximum 15 minutes

Servers: 8/10 the servers were thoughtful to us and others as much as I could see, they anticipated our needs before we even realised we had them (the knives)

Value for money: 7.5/10 the burgers were priced at a level that I still thought was acceptable and the burgers were a good size

Taste: 7.5/10 personally I think the burgers are good however the amount of flavour seemed to vary a lot between the burgers – one was on point and the other quite bland

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Have you visited Grill’d before? How was your experience?

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