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Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken (Sydney CBD)


I have fond memories of Taiwanese fried chicken (炸鸡排) not because I’ve had them before. Rather, when I visited the famous night markets in Taiwan as a child I desperately wanted to have one of these. Oh the parents who want better food for their children so they deny them these glorious types of food.

Childhood regrets no more!

Hot-Star Fried Fhicken – 96 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000

LARE FRIED CHICKEN! MY FAVOURITE THING! Haha seriously though, they should fix the sign.

The store was super easy to find as it is just across the road from World Square and next to a Subway restaurant. Easy peasy! What made it more easy for us to spot was the tiny crowd outside the shopfront lining up.



We had a glimpse of the menu and to be honest that’s all we needed. They sell fried chicken and that’s that. Either in a slab in original or spicy or in pieces for the less fatty people.

We are bigger fatties so a slab of chicken it was!

After we had ordered the original flavour and paid we were handed a little plastic bag for a reason we weren’t sure of. So we looked over and saw the servers dropping a giant scalding hot piece of chicken into a couples bag to take away (there’s no seating here). Ah how could we forget…one thin paper bag would not save our hands from the heat.



There’s no false advertising at Hot-Star. It REALLY is a large piece of juicy fried chicken. Real chicken and not that mushed mystery meat you get in chicken nuggets.

What I love about this particular Taiwanese kind of fried chicken is the batter and seasoning. After we had waited a while for the chicken to cool down enough to eat (unless you have an inferno mouth of course then by all means eat it straight away) our palate posed us with two important questions.

“How did they get the batter so crumbed and crispy?”
“How did they get the seasoning so perfect?”

I guess our questions will never be answered as it is their trade secret to their business success after all.

As we finished our piece of fried chicken (it was a two person effort) we saw that there some bones in it. It was odd for me to find bones in my fried chicken and so I got a bit confused but then I looked at the menu again “Real Chicken, Real Bones”. Oops.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon


Store: 6/10 it’s just a shop front and no dining area inside, you have to take away to eat

Menu: 8/10 super easy to pick from as there was really only two things to choose

Waiting time: 7/10 the waiting time was about 10 minutes for our order to be cooked as there were a number of people in line before us, I think it just seems like a longer waiting time as we were standing outside on the street

Servers: 7.5/10 the servers were average but efficient, nothing too special

Value for money: 8.5/10 at $7.90 for the large slab it was very reasonable in price, better yet the chicken appeared to be real chicken breast too

Taste: 9/10 the seasoning was spot on and the crunch from the batter was excellent in that it also sealed in the juice from the chicken as well

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Would you love to try this glorious chicken too?

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