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DIY Minimalistic Personal Budget Weekly Cash Flow Template (FREE PRINTABLE)


I was searching on ebay for a simple way to account for my personal finance since every cent counts towards my future and couldn’t find one to my liking. Etsy has ones to download, ebay had planners to buy but they just didn’t cut it. They’re are pretty and all but that much printing in colour? Waste of ink! Buy the planner? But I only need one part of the book! So I ended up making my own template with no BS and useless stuff.

This template or your own personal use only. Download it below!

TIP: Save further by printing these as A5 size however if you have large writing use A4.

applemeeko weekly cash flow budget person finance

Balance at start of period = Whatever it may be
Total input = Sum of all inputs
Total output = Sum of all outputs
Difference = Total input – Total output
Balance carried forward = Balance at the start of period + Difference

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