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Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up Store (Sydney CBD)


Make your own. Along with all the other customisable options out there in the world I think that being able to make your own ice cream is probably high up on the customisable ‘must do’ list. Last year it was unfortunate enough for me that I couldn’t actually get around to popping into the store to try the stuff out for myself. This year I was finally able to do it. I’ve made it. My life is almost complete at this stage.

Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up Store – Level 2 of Westfields, Cnr Pitt Street Mall and Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Open until the 19th of October 2014
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat 9.30AM-6.30PM. Thu 9.30AM-9PM. Sun 10AM-6PM



It’s Magnum’s 25th birthday this year too!
If it were a person it might be at the age to be thinking about getting married.
“To who?” my other half asked me.
Maybe to another type or brand of ice cream so they’ll make cool hybrid ice cream babies. Haha oh that imagination of mine.

On the Saturday I visited there was quite a reasonable line up they had wrapped around the store and all the people including myself were eagerly waiting for the taste and novelty of this new (or old if these lucky people got to go last year) experience. The servers were oddly enough, called pleasure makers. Yep. Pleasure. Let your mind process that.

These pleasure makers do try their best at making well, pleasure! Whether pleasure meant the magnum icecreams themselves or the actual process of ordering and watching the servers make them, it was a great experience overall. It tugged at those strings of satisfaction of when you thought something special and perfect was being made just for you and just how you’d like it. Absolutely spoilt, in a good way of course. 🙂



The pop-up store is cash only I believe. If not, it’s still easier to bring cash.

While waiting in line we were given some handy menus so we could decide what we wanted before we hit the register. Perfect system I think because there was a fair bit of choices to be overwhelmed with. The process was simple really but they could have probably labeled the extra steps into the menu because it was in fact a five step process.

First you’d pick either vanilla or chocolate ice cream.
Then you’d pick your coating either in white, milk or dark chocolate.
Then up to 4 toppings which they would cutely shake up in tiny cocktail shakers.
Drizzle on some more chocolate in the white, milk or dark chocolate again.
And finally the finishing touch. A carefully and artistically placed white or milk chocolate M button.

The seriousness on the servers face when he was finishing my order was commendable. It was obvious that he takes button placing very seriously haha.

applemeeko-makeyourownmagnum-icecream-2014 applemeeko-makeyourownmagnum-icecream-2014 applemeeko-makeyourownmagnum-icecream-2014

The finished products! As it was a hot spring day we rushed to get these pictures taken and we probably would have been pretty unhappy if they had melted :(. Above is the white chocolate coated with roasted hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews and almonds (justifying the treat by trying to be healthy here). Below is the milk chocolate coated with roasted hazelnuts, honeycomb pieces and dried strawberries. Both were very very sweet so you might want to have some water with you to dilute the ‘too much, need to stop’ feels if you don’t have a particularly sweet tooth.

What I like about the Magnum pop-up store is the process where an ice cream which was raw at the start was made into something so different in the end. Technically each combination possible could taste like a unique product in the end!


Concept: 10/10 one of the best concepts ever, can’t go wrong with make your own stuff

Store: 9/10 the store was sleek and modern however as it was a pop up store it was in the middle of clothing stores with many people looking on and wondering why you were lining up

Menu: 9/10 well structured and had a great selection of things to choose from to tailor the toppings to your own liking

Waiting time: 8/10 the waiting time was about 10 minutes to get to the register and from then on it wasn’t too long before you got your masterpiece, I think it was because you got to see exactly what they were doing that made it more easy to wait for

Servers: 8.5/10 the servers were on average quite efficient and friendly serving and making our orders however there was a slip up at the register as we passed them $52 to pay for your $16 order but only received $35 back in that she thought it was a $1 coin but that was resolved quickly as well

Value for money: 8/10 this is priced at the same $8 as some of the stuff we tried at N2 Extreme Gelato and quality in experience was comparable too, with my preferences I think I like the Magnum pop-up store more as I could pick and choose

Taste: 9.5/10 the taste of these icecreams were as expected – on point and my only fault was that perhaps it was just a bit too sweet for me although I’d think to others this would be a good thing

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