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Fat Man Catering (St Johns Park, Sydney)


In all honesty, I’ve only heard so much of this from my close friends who seem to always nominate this place for our regular get-together dinners. In my imagination I thought it was a fancy place with edgy and fun interior and young people streaming in to dine in with their mates. Well I got one of the two guesses right at least.

Fatman Catering Pty Ltd – 3A, 57 Canberra St, St Johns Park NSW 2176

It’s location is situated in a place where it’ll be wise to drive to as it is in the middle of a small local shopping…plaza…area sort of thing (you know the kind that has a newsagent, post office maybe one or two restaurants and thats it. And the interior was about the bare necessities. But I suppose it’s never good to judge the food by the look of the takeaway store as the store had quite a lot of customers (mostly young ones like us looking for a cheap feed).

The takeaway/dine-in menu was fairly extensive for a small place like this. The food was what you’d find at a local bistro: steaks, chicken parmagiana and pasta with the usual sides of salad and chips. Most of the meals (most of them included a canned drink too) were under $15 so the prices were very reasonable for the amount you received.



I ordered the Chicken Chilli Con Carne which was okay in taste but great in value.


We also ordered a Portugese Chicken which missed the mark entirely on the
Portugese-ness however didn’t taste that bad despite that.


Store: 6/10 very plain interior but it got the job done

Menu: 8/10 quite extensive in number but I’m not sure if all the dishes come out as they are expected to be

Waiting time: 7.5/10 the waiting time to order was almost immediate and about 10 minutes for our order to come out

Servers: 7.5/10 the servers were efficient and friendly enough

Value for money: 9/10 for the amount of food the price was very reasonable especially as we were dining in as well

Taste: 7/10 the dishes were quite average in taste however they filled you up

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