Month: Oct 2014

10 Survival Tips For University Students

As I’ve officially graduated from University I can definitely say I’ve learnt a fair few things about how to survive this interesting stage of life. I think the number one thing to remember about being at University is that you are a student which means studying is the most important thing along with understanding yourself and what your passion is so that you can work towards it in your future career. Here are 10 things I’ve learnt based my personal experience as a University student over the past 4 years.

Special Graduation Edition (Part 1): Ultimate guide on what to prepare for the big day (dress, shoes, hairstyle and makeup) + My graduation :)

As my friends like to believe, the graduation is the big day before the BIG DAY – the wedding. If you’re not going to have a wedding then I guarantee you the graduation may be that big day for you! After all the hard work and years of dedication finally comes the day to dress up and celebrate the occasion with photos to look back at for the decades in the future. To collect the perfect memories for such an important moment is to have the best outfit and look to showcase yourself. Here’s a motto to go by: You want to look like the best version of yourself but more bright and enthusiastic.

Review of Luxie Lush (Luxie Beauty) Rose Gold Pink 12p Synthetic Makeup Brush Set

Back in July I was finally able to purchase a set of makeup brushes since I had been wanting a full set for a very very long time. Think as long as I’ve encountered makeup type of long. I saw these brushes on Instagram through a couple of beauty related accounts who had these fabulous looking baby pink brushes and I just had to have them! I tracked the brushes down to a company called Luxie Lush and saw that the reviews for their products were really good and better yet they are vegan and animal cruelty free. It was a relief for me to hear that since it is a large investment that I’ll be using for a long time after all.