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Review of Luxie Lush (Luxie Beauty) Rose Gold Pink 12p Synthetic Makeup Brush Set



Back in July I was finally able to purchase a set of makeup brushes since I had been wanting a full set for a very very long time. Think as long as I’ve encountered makeup type of long. I saw these brushes on Instagram through a couple of beauty related accounts who had these fabulous looking baby pink brushes and I just had to have them! I tracked the brushes down to a company called Luxie Lush and saw that the reviews for their products were really good and better yet they are vegan and animal cruelty free. It was a relief for me to hear that since it is a large investment that I’ll be using for a long time after all.


Now that I’ve finally received all my brushes I can finally write a proper review. In this review I have reservations for some comments I’ll make about my overall experience with Luxie from purchase, the product itself and the communication with the company especially in terms of resolving my issue with one of the brushes.


The set includes:

  • A brush case


  • point eyeliner brush
  • pencil brush
  • tapered blending
  • eye shading brush
  • large shader brush
  • small angle brush
  • medium angled shading


  • large powder brush
  • large angled brush
  • duo fibre stippling brush
  • foundation brush
  • precision concealer brush


applemeeko-luxielush-brushapplemeeko-luxielush-brushI love the brushes for their packaging, colour, design, the fact that it’s already in a set so I don’t have to catch them all, their extreme softness and resilience of the bristles.

The handles were an adorable shade of baby pink and fit smoothly in my hand when I’m applying makeup. No too long, too short, too thick or too thin for my liking. Although I’ll have to say that the ‘rose gold’ metal part is more like a dark copper colour instead.

Side note: A good rule of thumb to tell whether brushes are good quality or not is by pressing them down on a surface and checking whether the bristles are resilient and bounce the brush back up. It shows that the brush is packed and that the bristles themselves are good quality.

I can say that overall the Luxie brushes are made with good quality and the fact that they are regularly compared to MAC and Sigma brushes confirms it.


applemeeko-luxielush-brushOne of the 12 brushes was made quite poorly which caused a lot of shedding during the first cleaning of the brush. It was like a shedding cat basically. As a consumer I believe in giving a business a bit of benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’re not always like this and I just happened to get that one unlucky brush because my other brushes were certainly great.

I contacted them and soon after they replied and said they’d send me a whole new brush (reminder: it’s a 1 month time limit from receiving them to contact the company about a defect or problem). One month later. No brush arrived. So I emailed them yet again and after two weeks I was finally sent a replacement. In all honesty I don’t even think they sent the first one at all.



The replacement brush I received was very wonky looking though it hasn’t showed any signs of shedding as of yet (which is solving the initial problem I guess but has created a new problem now). I think it looks like they pulled it out of their defects bin and sent it to me as I’ve never once seen a brush with bristles that curled over.

Negativity aside, I do believe the brushes are great to use, soft to touch on the face and my makeup looks end up very nice and polished. I would recommend these brushes to those who was high quality at a lower price range, though be cautious in checking the quality when the set arrives and contact them if there’s any problem straight away.

Are you thinking of purchasing a set of these?

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I'm a Marketing professional by day, blogger by night and a beauty lover 24/7. My perfect day would consist of taking my sweet time putting on makeup, bargain hunting at secondhand markets, trying new cuisines and feeding stray kitties.


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  3. I just got my set of five kabuki brushes through Ipsy’s special. They’re lovely brushes and I can’t wait to write my own review of them. (My subscription box and product reviews are at

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    • They are indeed! 🙂 It’s been awhile since I first got them and I’m still loving them! ❤ Please do, I want to see how they work for others. 🙂


  4. Thank you for your honest review. We appreciate informing others of your experience with our company. We are sorry about the delay regarding your re-shipment as your order was lost in transit. Regarding the quality of the replacement brush, all brushes are hand made and not one brush is the same as the other. We hope you are enjoying your brushes and if you have any further questions or concern, don’t hesitatate to email us.

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    • No worries! I’m enjoying them everyday since I’ve gotten them and hope others will have an even better experience than I have been having. Thank you for your comment as it’s great to see companies acknowledging that there are some hiccups when doing business. 🙂


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