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Mamak (Chinatown, Sydney)


I have this love-hate relationship with Malaysian cuisine, specifically things with satay in it because if it’s not made well I find it just that bit weird of having sweet savoury peanuts with some food. Chunky peanut butter meats anybody? This time around I get to try out that one place in the city that always has a line. Mamak.

Mamak – Level 2 of Westfields, Cnr Pitt St Mall and Market St Sydney NSW 2000
Lunch 11:30 – 2:30 | Dinner 5:30 – 10:00 | Supper until 2AM (Fri & Sat)


Dinner time at Mamak is pretty much a big deal as the line was a clear stamp of approval from us Sydneysiders. I thought I couldn’t get into the place despite lining up 15 minutes before 5:30PM just to wait. If that really was the case and I couldn’t get into the restaurant in the first batch I’d have to wait a long long time until someone settled down, ordered, waited for their order to come out and finished it in order for me to just step into the restaurant.

So it is definitely a good idea to line up early.

applemeeko-mamak-malaysian-food applemeeko-mamak-malaysian-food

Despite the packed house we were able to get the attention of the servers relatively easy perhaps because we practically scanned through the whole menu within 2 minutes and chose what we wanted in record speed to get our orders in first. With this method we ended up ordering some classic favourites.


Roti Canai – $5.50

The roti was super fluffy and soft on the inside while the curries and chilli sauce on the side were really flavourful. Together the two things complemented each other wonderfully.


Kari Ayam (Chicken curry with potatoes) – $16

A mildly hot curry with incredibly slow cooked chicken pieces (with bones) and potatoes. This was a great curry with some strong authentic flavour. You know how you can sometimes taste that a dish has artificial flavouring well this curry tasted like real gourmet ingredients were stewing lovingly together for hours.


Beef BBQ skewers with satay sauce – $9 for half dozen

The highlight of this dish was the satay sauce and the food connoisseur other half thought that it was right on point. As for me…I thought it was lovely too.
Ding ding! It definitely passed my satay test.


Teh Ais (Ice milk tea) – $4

As a typical Asian girl I can label myself as somewhat a critic of milk tea. After all, bubble tea for life right? Haha. At Mamak I ordered the ice milk tea and I can say that this drink was just as I’d like it! Stronger tea flavour, less sugar and ice cold. Perfect.

Mamak on Urbanspoon


Store: 7.5/10 the restaurant interior was quite average however I did like the open kitchen especially for the outside of the store to see as well

Menu: 8/10 had a small selection of items that was made very well

Waiting time: 8/10 waiting time for the outside lineup was long in length however from then on being seated and for the orders to come was quite fast

Servers: 8.5/10 the servers were efficient and attended to our requests as soon as they could despite the busy store

Value for money: 8/10 the amount of food for each dish was small however for two people it was quite enough with some rice

Taste: 9.5/10 very genuine and authentic tasting curry with meat that just fell of the bones as well as the roti which was perfectly cooked

Hmm…it seems I do like Malaysian food after all.

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