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Trash And Treasure Grand Bazaar Markets (Prestons, Sydney)


Trash and Treasure – 1895 Camden Valley Way, Prestons NSW 2174
Every Wednesday and Sunday 8AM – 2PM
Adult $1.80 pensioners $1.60 children under 15 free
Free off street parking lot

There’s possibly nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday than to go to your local markets and search for some treasures to collect. Trash and Treasures Grand Bazaar (we locals just call it Trash and Treasure) has been the pioneering market that sparked my love for visiting them. It was the first market I’ve ever visited and got lost at as a young child so it holds many fond memories for me including getting large lollipops from the food centre which took me (a young’un) ages to finish.

I remember as a child my father used to always bring me to the markets to buy tools and just have a peruse around the 12 hectare (minus about half for parking) area. Now can you see why I got lost back then? It’s huge! But I’d say that’s a wonderful thing because more space means more stalls and more treasures to find.


The entry fee is a small $1.80 for adults and less for pensioners and free for children under 15 but I just see it as a small fee to park in their sandpit parking lot located at the back of the markets. It’s really convenient to get here by car but as for public transport then you’ll probably need some help from the ankle express. At this market it’s highly recommended that you bring cash and change because I’m not sure where the closest ATM may be. It might even be a short distance drive away too. Oh and also bring a hat and a bottle of water especially if its a hot day since it’s an open air market. 🙂

My experience at this place is quite different from my last experience at Glebe Markets due the interesting and exotic theme (that you can spotand the space available which means the cars and trucks holding the goods can readily drive in to unload them. You’ll find a lot of people selling their second hand things here that they don’t want from their homes such as furniture, appliances and decorative pieces. It’s not all second hand stuff though, there’s lots of fresh fruit and veggies, some designers and a lot of other stalls that sell new clothing and goods.



This stall was selling second hand clothing at $2 for all items on the rack. I wish there was more younger people selling their items here too so there’d be much more clothes that I’d be interested in. On the day I went there was only 1 stall holder with clothes like I’d find at Glebe. Hip people please come here and sell!


A lot of stalls sell second hand baby strollers, high chairs and toys here too due the young families that live around the area. The quality that they have is really good as well so there’s really no need to buy expensive new things.

I saw a Hello Kitty head, a My Melody and even a leopard print Gloomy Bear! I haven’t seen a Gloomy Bear in years since my friend was obsessed with them.



I especially love the home decor that people are selling at low low prices as well! What they think is trash I definitely think is treasure! Haw haw haw. Get it?

Just in the two pictures above I can see three things I would love in my future home. A vintage leather look brown suitcase (that I could totally turn into a dog bed for Mocha and Miel), a golden framed mirror in almost perfect condition and a vintage clock with a nice modern take on a French provincial look. Bliss for my inner amateur interior decorator and hipster. *drools*


There are a lot of people selling flowers from nurseries here too. One my favourites – Daisies!



Everybody is very friendly and helpful here because they genuinely want to sell some treasures to you. The facilities although a bit lacking due to the area and far distance to walk are still accessible, they even have an appliance electrical check point just to make sure what you buy works. You can expect a great bargain and lots of fun window shopping here and you can get a stamp on your hand at the exit if you leave and want to come back.

Despite the large housing developments that the market is surrounded by, I love the fact that it hasn’t changed one bit since I was young. To me it’s one of those places that brings back so much nostalgia from my childhood, I hope it never changes but I bet the price of this block of land is now sky high. They’re raking it in both in business and with the land value on this huge asset.

Another market that added spontaneously and have now ticked off the list!

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