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Sydney Noodle Night Markets 2014 (Hyde Park, Sydney CBD)



As I approached Hyde Park I saw a beckoning light haze of white smoke that seemed to guide me towards where I really wanted to be. Where the food’s at. *dreamy sigh*

Asian Noodle Night Markets – Hyde Park, Sydney NSW 2000
October 10th-26th 2014
Mon – Tue 5PM – 9PM | Wednesday 5PM – 10PM | Thursday – Fri 5PM – 11PM | Saturday 4PM-10PM | Sunday 4PM – 9PM



KAPOW! Cute money raking cat.

The wonderful smells in this food market draws a big crowd of people who can pick and taste from their favourite food places around the city and of course a few places that they’ve heard of and have been meaning to try. I came at 4:30PM and felt so sorry for those working in their offices nearby who couldn’t yet get off work to get their dinner. Poor souls.



On the grounds there are various sponsored areas of seating such as the odd geometric dome which was housing a car from Mercedes Benz which almost no one was sitting next in, most probably because they thought they’d be harassed by the sales people ‘serving’ there. Another area was that shipping container turned shelter which looked like it would have had such a great atmosphere and view but alas I got distracted by food and wandered off to never return to the container to get a peek at the views.

Those like us visiting Hyde Park are very spoilt for choice at these markets but for some reason I wasn’t very interested in the choices offered (or the waiting lines) at all. Perhaps it’s because I eat already eat Asian food on a regular basis so these foods didn’t seem extremely ‘exotic’ to me (and Thai food seemed to be at every third stall at the markets which eliminated a lot of choice).

Entree : Din Tai Fung – Xiao Long Bao Pork Dumplings 4 pieces @ $6



The stall was very open and inviting for those lining up to watch the masters work their delicate magic on plain flour to shape them into swirled meat filled dumplings. Excuse me while I wipe my drool once again.

I’ve been meaning to try these bad boys for years now after first having them in Taiwan and they are just as wonderful and juicy as I remember them. Din Tai Fung’s Xiao Long Baos definitely live up to their name. The dumpling skin was thin and delicate and the meat soup was so juicy. The only way I can describe the sensation of biting into the soup pocket is the word POOF because the soup just causes a mini explosion in your mouth. NOTE: don’t bite it in half because soup will pour out over your clothes.

Main: Teppanyaki Noodles – Yakisoba Noodles with melted cheese @ $14

applemeeko-sydney-noodlenightmarkets-2014 applemeeko-sydney-noodlenightmarkets-2014

The noodles were very soft and the flavour was good but it wasn’t too mindblowing. What I loved though, was stretching the melted cheese out when picking up each bite.

Entree (again): Hoy Pinoy – BBQ Chicken Skewers 2 skewers @ $10



Remember that beckoning white haze I mentioned at the start of this post. Set aside your time to find out what that white smoke did to the food at Hoy Pinoy because Hoy Pinoy boasted THE LONGEST waiting line in the whole night markets. The que for these smoked BBQ skewers wrapped around in a U shape with a dedicated security guard manning the area! None of the other stalls had a dedicated guard. I remember saying to myself “These things better be worth the wait in this smoke cloud.”.

While waiting in line for these, I heard a rhythm and beat that set off my Chinese feels. “I feel it. Those drums. Them cymbals. CHINESE LIONS!” How could these markets be any more Asian? Throw me some fortune cookies, red pockets and light some firecrackers now. It’s a CNY party in October!



After maybe a 20 to 30 minute wait we finally got to order and receive our two skewers MADE OF GOLD (in time and in money). Opinion on the skewers? Good! The smoked flavour was soaked all the way through the meat, not just on the surface and this is coming from a person doesn’t like the smoked flavour as it just tastes like charcoal to me. With these skewers I can’t taste the burnt, only the flavour.


Location/Concept: 8/10 Hyde Park is very easy to find from Town Hall Station and the markets are a very familiar concept to Sydneysiders as it’s an annual event

Menu: 8.5/10 there is an extensive menu and selection of food to choose from in a short walking distance from each other although I’d have to say there’s a few too many Thai food stalls for my liking

Waiting time: 5.5/10 if you’re hungry right then and there don’t go there expecting to receive food quickly and be filled up, because the market is like a giant sampling platter

Servers: 7/10 okay but since it’s a market it’s just a pay and receive type of transaction

Value for money: 6/10 like a sampling platter it’s highly unlikely to get full for under $25 per person especially depending on what you order because each item is quite pricey for the small amount given

Taste: 8.5/10 as the markets are a collection of a few of the best restaurants in Sydney it’s only right to say that the taste is pretty on point

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