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Mary’s (Burgers) (Newtown, Sydney)


This being my first visit to Newtown, the Hipster hub of Sydney, never have I ever felt so bland in my entire life. I have an eccentric mind which is a thing I prize a lot however I feel as if due to how I live I’ve come to conceal it and only speak it to the closest of close people in my life. Newtown however, is basically all that’s in my head confronting me in human and object forms. It’s very overwhelming on the lines of “This is usually inside my head! Why’s it coming out and smacking me in the face right now?”.

And so, that’s Newtown for me. To me it’s both frightening, intriguing and very Hipster.

Mary’s – 6 Mary Street, Newtown NSW 2000
Monday – Saturday 4PM-12AM | Sunday 12PM-10PM

Mary’s burgers have been the talk of the city for being rated as the best burgers Sydney has to offer, as some readers may know I have been on a perpetual quest to find the best burgers I can get my hands on. I’ve visited Chur Burger in Surry Hills and also Grill’d Burgers at Parramatta but now I’m finally visiting the mother of burgers raved about in social media.

When going to a restaurant, the first thing you have to do is locate it and quite frankly how would I have been able to locate this place without the help of good old Google Maps? It would have been close to impossible for me as Mary’s is basically a hole in the wall sort of place, albeit a hard-to-spot rectangular door-shaped hole in the wall in an alley way. I remember repeatedly checking if it was the right place on the words penned in permanent marker on the thin blue door frame and then walking in to find a ragged door leading to an uncertain darkness that set my stranger danger alarms ringing. “Turn back now!”, my brain said. I reasoned with my brain that some good burgers were at stake, so I dismissed my fear and marched right in.

Inside the doors was something else. I mean really! Loud music booming with a giant red devil skull thing on the wall in a very dark establishment (The pictures aren’t lying, they just required more exposure to let you guys see stuff!) lit by candlelight? Now that’s unique to me but maybe not to Newtown. We sat down on the first floor near the bar then moved upstairs as apparently it was more for dining.


The interior of Mary’s reminded me of something from Charmed where you’d pull out a pentagram, some crystals and start scribing for something. Apart from the goth/alternate theme, I loved the mason jar candles for lighting as it was just like a candlelit lunch although not quite as romantic due to the skull devil painting right next us but I guess I can say it was a bit sweet haha. Everything at Mary’s was wonderful however I did have a big problem with the font on the wall menus as it was way too hard to read if they weren’t spaced out. When I tried to see if they had any non-alcoholic drinks the words just became one blob. So we gave up on straining our eyes and settled with some table water which led me to say “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” every time we poured water out of the cool bottle.


While waiting at the table our waitress kindly told us the kitchen would open at 12:30PM but would take our order first (1 Mary’s Burger and 1 Cheeseburger with double meat and cheese) for it to be made as soon as it opened. We were lucky to get there at around 12:20PM and only had to wait 15 minutes after 12:30PM to receive our food and let me just say, the food was awesome.

There was just something about the flavour of the meat that tasted so good and fresh like it might have been moo-ing half an hour ago. And the cheese sauce? It worked so well with the patty. I just can’t describe it in fancy terms but I can say it’s good and in my opinion, better than the beef burgers at Chur Burger but don’t get me wrong, they still do some bomb chicken burgers however the beef burger is better at Mary’s. Not to mention, the chips were good too and not greasy or dripping in oil.


The Mary’s Burger

Mary's on Urbanspoon


Store: 8/10 the interior was very quirky and was an interesting change from the happier establishments I frequent – I guess it gave a good taste of what Newtown was about

Menu: 6.5/10 as Mary’s is not entirely focused on food but rather their alcoholic side of the business, the menu wasn’t very extensive at all

Waiting time: 8.5/10 as we were lucky and ordered quickly we made it in the first batch of food brought out and were served our meals within 15 minutes of opening the kitchen – not bad at all!

Servers: 8/10 the servers were pretty accommodating and friendly to all customers noting their needs and giving you their attention right away

Value for money: 7.5/10 the value for money especially in the case that Newtown is so close to the city, the price of $14 for a burger and fries is reasonable but I do recommend adding double meat and cheese for a total of $17 just to fill you if up if you eat a bit more

Taste: 9.5/10 the buns were soft and the meat was juicy so I can honestly say these burgers are great – I kept on wondering if these burgers were a good representation of the best burgers in America that I see in food videos

What was the best burger you’ve tasted?

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