Month: Nov 2014

Tips On How To sell Your Unwanted Things on eBay Effectively

The decision to live with more simplicity in my life comes at a great cost. And by cost I mean in terms of realising the amount of clothes I have worn and won’t wear again as well as (god forbid) never even worn once. :S The amount of things lying around contributing to this cost in money and space in my tiny room was too high for me to handle anymore so I embarked on the scary journey of selling my stuff online. More space, more money and someone else can enjoy what I no longer do? What’s not to like? πŸ˜€ When I first began I didn’t know specifically what to do other than the basic process of 1) Putting pictures and a description up 2) Waiting for people to buy it and receive the payment and 3) Mailing the item out. The steps seemed simple enough but I soon began to realise I had oversimplified it all and was bumping into some obstacles I didn’t anticipate to encounter. From my own experience I’d …

Priceline Models Prefer Nude Eyeshadow NAKED2 Dupe Front

Review: Priceline Models Prefer Nude Eyeshadow Palette NAKED Dupe

ONLY TEN DOLLARS FOR AN EYESHADOW PALETTE! PhewΒ that got your full attention didn’t it? Because this palette sure got mine. As I was doing my usual stroll around the beauty section in Priceline and a familiar product caught my eye. Priceline’s selling the NAKED2 palette now?! I did a double-take, looked more closely at the packaging and realised I was duped by a dupe. There was three available palettes (Nude, Party Glam and Day to Night), the tin containers looked so similar to the Urban Decay NAKED2 palette. The Model’s Prefer brand eyeshadow palette had similar colour schemes, had the same double ended eyeshadow and blending brushes and basically anything except the name on the front of the tin.