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Cow and the Moon Artisan Gelato (Enmore, Sydney)



When I first found out that Sydney had the store that won best gelato in the world with their Mandorla Affogato gelato over the originals (the mother country of gelato – Italy) I was amazed because it is so close to home and not in another country. Close distance + best gelato in the world = COUNT ME IN!

Cow and the Moon – 181 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042


I was warned beforehand by my Newtown local friend that ever since the crowning of this store as “The Best” there has been no shortage of people lining up to try it out for the first time or to have it again. I lined up right to the kerb and I remember when leaving we saw that the line wrapped all the way around the corner. We were lucky to just line up about 15 minutes!

Okay now a tiny step away from the topic of gelato because I have to know. How vain can a person get before people find it obsessive compulsive and disruptive? I was waiting in line behind a girl who was waiting with her boyfriend up until he left to do something and she stayed in line to order and that’s when it began. First she pulled out her mirror and checked her makeup and hair then put the mirror back. After a minute she pulled out her mirror again and checked whatever she was checking the first time once again then put the mirror back. Then she texted a bit on her phone turned the screen off and used the reflection to check her face again. She then put her phone away then turned to see her reflection on the glass doors of the store and checked her reflection yet again. And still after that there was probably one or two more times she checked her ‘properness’.

This scenario was all in the span of 15-20 minutes. What could have possibly changed in your appearance within the 2 minute intervals you weren’t checking yourself out? NOTHING! Rant over!

Back to the post.


Cow and the Moon is a cafe so of course they offer coffees and a number of desserts and chocolates. I really liked this sign they placed in the display case stating the truth of the world! You can’t not like chocolate at all, you just either like it less or more but you cannot hate it! 🙂

After 15 minutes or so of waiting we finally got to see the gelato on offer and it was kind of a rush to choose what we wanted just out of common courtesy as we didn’t want to hold up the line or squish people in the store any longer. The gelato on offer looked very delectable and soft. I believe the satisfaction of seeing the creamy clouds of gelato in the display case is on par to seeing baby kittens and puppies waddling around. Aww. Cute little gelatos!


A large was $8.50 while the medium was $6.50 and small $5.00. You can also buy take home tubs as well.

We ordered (from top left to bottom right) the passion fruit sorbet, french vanilla, hazelnut rocher and chocolate sorbet. All the flavours we chose were very rich and creamy while the taste was exactly how you’d imagine it to be from the name. My favourite was the chocolate sorbet because really? I usually associate sorbet with less rich and more fruitier flavours and to taste a bitter-sweet full-bodied chocolate sorbet is mind-blowing for me.

As we sat down in the store to enjoy our gelato, my partner and I were comparing it to our experience with N2 Extreme Gelato and realised for the amount and quality we got at Cow and the Moon for almost the same price, we preferred Cow and the Moon a bit better than N2, unless N2 had a particularly special flavour.

Cow & The Moon Artisan Gelato on Urbanspoon


Location: 8/10 C&TM is a short 15 minute or so walk from Newtown station is very easy to spot as well

Menu: 8/10 they have a nice selection of gelato and sorbet that it’s not too much to choose from

Waiting time: 7.5/10 the waiting time was about 15 minutes however I would have really liked it if they had a board on the outside of the store to tell us what flavours were available that day to help with the ordering process

Servers: 8/10 the servers here were energetic and friendly and very patient with us ordering despite the long line behind us

Value for money: 7.5/10 a reasonable amount of quality gelato for the price

Taste: 9/10 the flavours were true to expectation and extremely creamy

As for whether it’s the best gelato in Sydney…I’m not sure as of yet. I need to uh test out a lot more places to know how it ranks. 😉 I can say it’s very good though.

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