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Round She Goes Fashion Market (Marrickville, Sydney)


Location: Marrickville Town Hall – 303 Marrickville Road, Marrickville NSW 2204
Entry: $2

If there’s one thing that can get me out of the house on the weekends it’s the fact that there’s a market going on. Time to get out of bed, get dressed and go rummaging! You can definitely say bargain hunting is one of my hobbies. πŸ™‚ This time around I visited a fashion market that comes a few times a year called Round She Goes Fashion Market. As you can tell by the name, the concept of this market is about selling and reusing garments that others have worn and loved before – otherwise known as vintage clothing.

Getting to the town hall was just a simple 15 minute walk from Marrickville station (with the help of Google maps) and while walking thereΒ I found out the hard way that there are minimal ATMs in close proximity so it’d be wise to bring some cash. I think there’s an unwritten rule to every market that it is essential to get there early to snag the best deals but I sort of broke that rule this time around because I arrived at a lovely time of 1PM (3 hours after its opening time at 10AM). Do I regret coming late? Actually, not at all.



The interior of Marrickville town hall is very old school and classy in a way with high windows and dark red wooden interiors. At the entrance is a nice lady who accepts your entry fees and also a little stall selling handmade on the spot flower headpieces. Talk about skill!


Within the hall was a crazy amount of people and stalls to fit in these walls. I kind of got overwhelmed by the people dodging skills I had to use to just get to the stalls I wanted to look at. I felt like I was in the way of everyone and I guess that’s not a smart trait to have while at these sort of markets because apparently I had to be those rude ladies. You know those blank-faced ones that believe it’s okay to flick through the same rack as you (that’s not the rude part) and yank out pieces of clothing from the other side of the rack that you’re clearly viewing (that’s the rude part). Rudeness aside I do believe I had a bit of fun rummaging through the items although due to my own problem of being too short and too thin for mostΒ of these clothes it was extremely hard for me to find anything.

Having the change room (literally one room for girls to all change in) behind those curtains on the stage was quite useful to check the fit of the items. What surprised me with the process of trying clothes on was that you just take the clothes from the stall and walk away to change into it. The level of trust was so high with these stallholders!



There was also another factor apart from nothing fitting me at these markets, which was the prices that stopped me from buying anything. Though I got admit the brand new white skirt I got for $10 was a bit of a fluke. I understand vintage pieces have been known to be a bit more expensive than most new clothing for some reason but to have some of them priced at $50 to $80 or $100 isn’t really my cup of tea. Especially if it’s in a bargain hunting environment as a market. The environment vs. the price payoffΒ was much better at Glebe MarketsΒ for me.

All in all, I think I kind of wasted my time here and didn’t really enjoy myself as much as I thought I would which is pretty disappointing. But alas another market ticked off the list.

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