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The Goni’s Schnitzelria Bistro (Marrickville, Sydney)


I’ve been watching a fair bit of Man vs Food lately and was amazed and partially disgusted as well by the amount of food served at some of those specialty restaurants in America. The amount of food the host eats is enough to feed a family of four for two meals! If you haven’t figured out why I’ve chosen that little anecdote to be an introduction yet then get ready to read on about the BIGGEST meal I have ever (not) finished in my life!

The Goni’s Schnitzelrea – Ground floor (leads downstairs) 296 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
Monday 11AM-9PM | Tuesday – Saturday 11PM-9:30PM | Sunday 12PM-8PM


When we were trying to locate the restaurant, we spent about 10 minutes looking for it. Maybe we weren’t the brightest of people when it comes to geographical intelligence but when we finally found it we wondered why it was labelled as ground floor. IT’S ON THE UNDERGROUND FLOOR! The restaurant itself is much more spacious than I thought it would be and they had many little private areas named after something cute and endearing. For example, our table that we booked was in The Grandma’s Pantry.

I read on reviews that Goni’s isn’t very friendly for walk-in customers with people turned away despite an empty restaurant but we didn’t have a problem with that as we booked a week in advance (don’t know why but we did). It’s also cash only establishment so that might be useful to keep some cash on you rather than rushing to the nearest ATM.


Many of the main schnitzel plates were priced at $22 to $25 and they also offered a bunch of sides such as nachos at around $5 or 6. As I wanted the chorizo plate and my other half wanted another type we compromised and got something we both weren’t looking at. This is the Marinara Schnitzel (you can choose either veal, pork or chicken for your schnitzel) which has a whole bunch of chicken topped off with prawns and calamari rings. They provided a tub of garlic sauce to dip and we could also grab a sauce plate and load it up with all the sauce we needed to go along with the meal.


I found that mustard and tomato sauce worked best with the chicken schnitzel. The meat was very nicely coated with a layer of glistening crumbs which were solidly stuck to the meat (not coming apart pathetically) and the chicken was quite juicy inside which was important because chicken is notorious for becoming dry if not cooked properly.

The portion sizes are super large at this place (as it’s known for) and after we felt fully stuffed we still had two large pieces of chicken left to take home. Goni’s charges a fee for the container if you want to take away which was fine by me because we were simply left with too much food to waste. Crazy!


The Goni's Schnitzelria on Urbanspoon

Store: 7/10 interior was average looking just like most other restaurants and had a lot of seating available so I can imagine it’d be good for some parties

Menu: 7.5/10 the menu had a suitable amount of options, not too much and not too little, I can imagine most people would find something they’d like to order from it pretty easily

Waiting time: 8.5/10 as we booked ahead of time and the restaurant was so large there was no waiting time at all to be seated but ordering and paying was at the counter and it was a pretty easy task, our meal came 15 minutes later as was super fresh

Servers: 7.5/10 servers were helpful and were attentive to check out order with us just in case she heard us wrong the first time

Value for money: 9/10 for the amount of food we had we could have had two and bit meals between us, it was super large and affordable for the amount too

Taste: 8/10 as the main focus of the dish was the size it’s justifiable for the taste to be not be top-notch however the taste of these schnitzels was above acceptable and I had no complaints about it at all



 As we waddled out of the restaurant and onto the streets I stumbled across a wonderful Nelson Mandela mural and quote that I found to be quite fitting
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

We haven’t done it yet. The Goni’s Schnitzel plate is impossible and we’ll probably won’t ever be able to do it.

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