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Bondi’s Best Seafood (Bondi, Sydney)


When you’re near the sea you think of fishes and when you think of fishes you think of fish and chips! Well maybe not all of us think so hungrily and morbidly. Rest in stomach fishy. R.I.S.

In NSW there are plenty of beautiful beaches that line the east coast of our state, Bondi Beach is arguably the most famous of them all. Perhaps because of all the Asians that made “Bondi Rescue” possible. I say that as an Asian who cannot swim properly as well but I’m smart enough not to head out far into the sea. No stereotype. 😉

Bondi’s Best Seafood – 39-53 Campbell Parade, North Bondi NSW 2026
Open 7 days 12PM-9PM



That Karl Lagerfeld dude gave me the look of condemnation in the picture I took after this one. Either to my outfit or about my taking of pictures. Who knows.

On a sunny Sunday, a brunch of Fish and Chips is a wonderful thing. On the weekend you’re lazier and you don’t feel as guilty in satisfying those deep-fried cravings of yours. And on such a day we decided to find the best seafood in Bondi. It was a trek to get to this place considering you need a train to Bondi Junction then a 15 minute bus ride to Bondi Beach then another 10 minute or so walk to get here. Upon seeing the uphill incline we hoped from the bottom of our hearts that it was really worth the effort and it was in fact the best seafood in Bondi or even Sydney.

We ordered Owen’s Fisherman Basket and Chips which was $18.60 but was faced with a dilemma because of the amount of people who liked this place as well. By the time we received our takeout order though we managed to find a table to sit and eat at without the posh plating that came with dining in of course.



Owen’s Fisherman’s Basket and Chips


The Owen’s Fisherman Basket and Chips was extremely fresh and heavy might I add. It had fresh tasting slabs of fish, real calamari rings and one prawn. Just one, or maybe two if you count its head.

I didn’t get to taste the prawn due to certain partner-got-to-it-first-and-didn’t-realise-there-was-only-one reasons but the rest of the dish was lovely. I have a cautious relationship with deep-fried batter as it can be very thick and soggy but I was impressed as it was super hot from the fryer with a crunchy yet chunky batter. Bondi’s Best also offered a small tub of what seemed to be homemade tartar sauce which had the perfect amount of acidity and a chunky texture due to the bits of pickles and other stuff stirred into it.


There is also another thing I’d like to mention is the fact that they used sea salt to season the dish. I found this much better than normal salt used on takeaway shop fish and chips because it had a more natural enhancement to the flavour of the food but didn’t burn my throat as much. I’d really like to know why that is, maybe then I can start using sea salt for seasoning food instead of normal salt.

Bondi's Best Seafood on Urbanspoon


Store: 7.5/10 the store looked pretty open and nice however there was a serious lack of tables and chairs as it was the weekend 

Menu: 8/10 the selection of food was reasonably large, the main product was seafood and deep-fried foods yet there was many choices due to the different types of seafood offered

Waiting time: 7/10 while we waited outside the shop it took our order maybe 15 minutes or so to arrive and by that time we luckily got a seat to eat at (although uncleaned at the time as the other diners had just finished)

Servers: 8/10 the server or owner I believe he was very friendly and chatted to us as we ordered and again as he cleaned the plates next to us when we were seated

Value for money: 9/10 for under $10 each the basket had filled us both up so much, I can say we were very satisfied in the end

Taste: 9.5/10 their name Bondi’s Best Seafood makes people skeptical at first – how can one be so sure it’ll be the best seafood as soon as the open up shop which was when they decided the name? But I must say it was one of the best fish and chips dishes I’ve had

With some good estimation I do think that this might just be the best seafood in Bondi. 🙂

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  2. Joel best says

    Thanks Linda!
    Always love to see a happy customer and even more when they take the time to write a comment and even more a review in depth like yours.
    Many thanks
    Joel best

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