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DIY Natural Scented Bag Air Freshener Made Out of Tea Bags


How healthy are manufactured fragrances they put in air fresheners for cars for you? They’re so strong on the nose and to me if feels as if the smell is a physical rod piercing my temples. I understand that as air fresheners that have to last for while they’ve been industrially made to be so pungent however that seriously isn’t comfortable for many people.

I’m positively sure there are people like me out there who get headaches from strong fragrances however are still sensitive to bad smells in the car and want to get rid of them. There’s not much choice on the market for people like me in terms of car air fresheners so I decided to take it upon myself.

I had to find a way to fragrance my car ever so lightly at a small cost as I know the tradeoff would be to change it more often than with commercial air fresheners because it wouldn’t be as concentrated. And what better idea than to use tea bags which are cheap and you can ingest so smelling the tea wouldn’t be a problem at all. In my opinion, tea is a great alternative to manufactured scents.

At this moment in time there are hundreds and maybe thousands of tea with different flavours. As I recently picked up a few delicious fruit flavoured sample tea bags I decided they would be perfect for the purpose.

I used:

  • Hessian fabric
  • Rope
  • Thread and needle or sewing machine
  • Two tea bags





As my fabric was already from a larger hessian drawstring bag that I didn’t want, all I had to do was cut an adequately sized rectangle big enough to fold in half.


I sewed along the size and bottom holding the edges together as well as doubling over on the start and end of the lines to secure the thread tightly.




I cut holes on both ends on the opening of the bag and thread the rope through and tied a knot. If you’re not sure about the ropes just know that both ends of the same rope are supposed to come out of the same side.


Rip the tea bags string and tab off, ruffle the insides of the bag to separate the leaves and stuff them into the drawstring bag.


And there you have it! A cheap alternative to lightly fragrance your car, home or anywhere else without using ridiculous smelling store-bought air fresheners. Replacing the tea bags each time will be super easy and affordable as well. I’d call that a win-win situation.


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  2. Great idea. Manufactured air fresheners are full of toxic chemicals. I hate them too. I use cinnamon, cloves and dried orange peel. Natural anything is always better for us. Peace C

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    • Thank you for reading and also for that great idea! I hadn’t thought of using cinnamon sticks, I might even try some vanilla bean stalks when these wear out. 🙂


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