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Burger Project (World Square, Sydney CBD)


Although I’ve never personally visited the Rockpool I’ve heard it is one of the best restaurants that Sydney has to offer and to hear that it has opened a burger joint to add to the plethora of existing ones is something else. Not only does it have a bigger name attached to the joint but it also has the promise of Rockpool approved food at a fraction of the cost. On my next battle on my perpetual quest to find the best burgers I can get my hands on – I find myself at the Burger Project.

Burger Project – Shop 11.06, World Square Next to Din Tai Fung, on Level 1 644 George St Sydney NSW 2000
Open every day between 11AM-3PM and 5PM-10PM

20141214_130929 copy

An adorable and concise menu board.


Burger Project is located at a higher than eye-level location next to Din Tai Fung up the large stairs with the purple dragon scales thingamabob. Trust me, it’s easier to explain to you this way because the signage at Burger Project is quite greyscale and doesn’t catch your eye as much as most places (although much more than Mary’s of course).

At the entrance was many outdoor tables for the masses to enjoy the sun and city air while eating their beloved burgers and boy was it filled up. I wondered why there were so many people dining outside rather than inside because with personal experience it’s usually the opposite that happens. Many people are inside due to the hot weather while the ones who can take it, brave the heat and stay outside. As I entered the joint I immediately loved the interior of the restaurant from its tables and chairs to its cute menu board.

There was a decent line of hungry people at the counter however it didn’t take long before we were due to order. We ordered the American Cheese burger ($8.90) which had grass-fed beef, cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and of course their own secret sauce. And also the Cheese and Bacon burger ($9.50) with everything that was in the American Cheese plus bacon.

My love for the interior design strengthened even more as I saw the eating area inside of the restaurant which was in my opinion, sleek and minimalistic however I soon began to feel that the atmosphere of the place didn’t really suit what I’d want as a vibe while eating. The grey, white and muted pastel interior soon reminded of places which were more sterile or clinical – the hospital or the plane – neither of which were a nice place to sit down and enjoy a meal. I was incredibly torn about the decor but one thing was for sure, the food was pretty darned good.

20141214_131042 copy

Sleek interior with futuristic single lights along the bench seating.

20141214_132554 copy

General grey and whiteness of the whole place was concentrated here.


Within 5 minutes of us sitting down at our table taking in the white and grey furniture and mirrored surfaces of the restaurant our beeper told us that our food was ready. WHAT?! I barely had time to discuss how I felt about the place let alone expect the food to already arrive.

When we picked up the food I realised a problem with the frequency of the LED lights above the tables didn’t match the camera on my phone (not sure if this would have been any different with an actual camera which I forgot to bring that day). Most pictures I took ended up like this…

20141214_131444 copy

We were both full for under $10 each.


However if I got lucky, the pictures were like this…

20141214_131543 copy

(Left) American Cheese and (Right) Cheese and Bacon.


But enough of the technicalities and onto talking about the burgers.

In short, the burgers were great! The bread was slightly sweet with a soft glaze on the top and grilled on the inside of the bun. The pickles were fresh, not soggy and the beef patty was incredibly juicy and tender which reminded us of the taste of Mary’s beef patties so much that we said pretty much the same things we did here to our trip there.

“Wow” and “This is real beef”. Aren’t we such eloquent connoisseurs?

The patties were well cooked on the outside but Burger Project seemed to know just how I like my burgers – with a bit of pink on the side. Mmm delish!

20141214_131845 copy

20141214_132003 copy

Between the two burgers I preferred the taste of the American Cheese (which was my choice anyway) a tiny bit better as it had a stronger flavour that wasn’t watered down by the tomatoes and lettuce. Haha you should have realised by now that I’m not a salad type of girl.

On my quest to find the best burgers, comparatively the Burger Project ranks above Grill’d, Chur Burger and even Mary’s overall (inclusive of all the elements I look for in a dining experience). However solely in terms of taste alone, Mary’s still takes the cake for me.

Burger Project on Urbanspoon


Store: 9/10 the interior at Burger Project was incredibly clean and well thought out, it felt as if those in charge were very meticulous about the way it should look however due to my personal bias it was a tiny bit too sterile of an environment for me

Menu: 7.5-8/10 the menu was varied enough so that was a perfect amount of items to choose from – I wasn’t overwhelmed but was presented with some good choices for me to choose what I wanted in the few minutes of waiting in line

Waiting time: 9.5-10/10 as for waiting time, I am extremely impressed with the short waiting time from ordering to the pick up of my food

Servers: 8/10 the servers at this place were upbeat and patient as we stalled a minute to decide our order, when we were ready he was positive and made sure to confirm our order

Value for money: 8-8.5/10 the value at Burger Joint is on par with that of Chur Burger with similar sized single burgers but at an even lower price

Taste: 9/10 the taste of everything about this burger was on point, the buns, the patty and the stuff like the pickles – I do think the sauce could have had a bit more flavour in the Cheese and Bacon burger as the tomatoes and lettuce seemed to drown out the saltiness from the bacon and beef patty

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