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Bondi Markets (Bondi, Sydney)


Bondi Beach is a hub area for the cool, the trendy and the kale eaters and because of this type of neighbourhood, the local market has begun to reflect these customers. For me, Bondi Markets is a place that cool and interesting items are congregated and put up for sale to the general fashionable public. In fact I love walking around, collecting creative ideas and rummaging through sales bins so much that I’ve created a list of markets in Sydney I’ve been trying to tick off one by one – this time around Bondi Markets is my next stop.

Bondi Markets – Bondi Beach Public School – Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Saturday 9AM-1PM | Sunday 10AM-4PM
Free entry

I think there’s two ways to look at any markets. One is through the eyes of the seller who designs, curate and creates the items you see on their tables and two, through the eyes of the buyer who, on their way between all the stalls is captivated by the item. I for one would love to feel what it is like for both parties by becoming a part of the seller crowd not by my own designs or stuff but to just tag along with someone whose passion is essentially making and selling their ‘pride and joy’. I think that’s a pretty cool thing.

At Bondi Markets there is no shortage of this feeling of passion and exchange in the atmosphere. The stallholders include those selling interesting handmade jewellery and leather goods, local designers selling the clothing from their labels, little trinkets and tidbits and second-hand vintage clothing (my favourite thing!).


Handmade colourful accessories.


Colourful handbags and dainty lace shrugs.


More locally designed jewellery and watches.


Gorgeous tie-dyed fabric and of course, soy wax candles for the home.


There was even upcycled furniture on sale which would undoubtedly be difficult to drag home if you hadn’t driven here.


Bright turkish and linen towels draped up high.


Local designer labels that I hope to see soon on the global fashion market.

DSC_1449 copy

Many stallholders were braving the hot Australian sun by manning their stalls without shelter. This stall was selling handmade jewellery.


There’s plenty of vintage jeans and jean shorts in a variety of colours. I hear the double jean style is coming back. Oh dear…


Haha, I’m taking pictures shamelessly while those around judge me.


There was plenty of human and doggy traffic in the markets.

There’s a nice young feel to this place as somewhere where the goods are sold because they want to, rather than out of the need for money and when the underlying feeling is this passion the market culture becomes rewarding for both the seller and the buyer. It’s an exchange of money for something unique that you will ultimately enjoy rather than a generic item that you’ll throw away soon after.

It’s this beautiful passion and, at most times, the selflessness of stallholders who come and stay the day under the sun or rain that draws me so deeply to markets.


The gorgeous view of white and blue apartment buildings mimicking the colour of the waves on Bondi Beach just across the road on the way to lunch at Sydney’s Best Seafood.

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