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The Finders Keepers Markets 2014 (Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh/Redfern)



For the past year or two my study, work schedule also the factor of no one interested in markets means that I’ve missed out on attending the Finders Keepers market in Sydney many times over. Every year I yearned to attend it and see the products from the cute local boutique owners I’ve been seeing on Etsy or Instagram. My obsession with markets that has led me to create a list of markets to visit and was condensed with the fact that the designs at this market in particular are my type of thing!

The Finders Keepers Markets – Australian Technology Park – Locomotive St, Eveleigh NSW 2015
$2 entry fee



The Finders Keepers Markets is located a 10 minute or so walk from Redfern station at a very large repurposed locomotive workshop. Without the signage and large string of people walking the same direction we wanted to go, I would have had significantly more trouble finding the entrance because of the non-distinctive exterior. After paying a $2 entry fee to enter the markets I was surprised by the vast size of the room. Each lane of stalls had a wide amount of space for people to walk in either direction as most people did in a non-orderly fashion.


$2 entry fee

I have to apologise in advance of viewing the photos inside the place because I left my proper camera at home and had to suffice with a camera phone. 😦 The inside of the hall (?) workshop (?) was an industrial-look lovers or hipsters dream – the dining areas were superbly decorated with bold coloured cushions and glossy chairs and the stalls were as I’d imagined them.

They sold adorable home decor, paper goods and interesting locally designed clothing as well as vintage clothing too. In my honest opinion the stuff was gorgeous to look at but as I don’t have discretionary spending money above the amount I’m trying to save up for the future, much of the items were too expensive for my budget. I did want to purchase some nice stationary however realised they weren’t to my exact liking.


My favourite stall in the whole markets – Bespoke Letterpress.


The large isles.


This stall sold lovely those geometric vases that I liked.



I think these cool things were called Jukecases.

I loved the good were all beautiful  but I decided that the items I’d want to try out was in the food section. I was incredibly hungry at the time haha.

There were various food trucks available selling vegetarian, hamburgers, Korean fusion but we ended up choosing the Mexican truck!




We ordered a pulled pork burrito ($12) and due to our hunger we basically wolfed it down before taking any pictures. Heh heh. Sorry.

The burrito was piping hot when we got it and was mostly stuffed with rice than the pulled pork. I’d say the burrito could have been more flavourful to live up the price point it was sold at.

Now here comes the major disappointment of my markets experience. Brooklyn Boy Bagels. If it were to be rated on my usual scale used in my food review posts I’d say the servers were lacking, the bagels were hard, the waiting time was ridiculous and the value for money was confusing.

As I passed by this stall right inside near the food trucks I was stopped by the nice smell of the bagels and wanted to try them out. There was even a line at the time so I even lined up the get one of these bagels. Little did I know that perhaps it was the slow food preparation time that caused the backup of customers.



The menu – that they don’t even know existed.

Prior to lining up we checked out the bagels and looked at the menu/pricing board as any sane person would. We wanted a bagel and some jam on it.

Now. When you look at the board above what would our order come to? $3.50 for the bagel + $1 for jam which means $4.50 in total?

Too right that it would be that wouldn’t you think.


The lady who served us was seemingly nice and helpful in the beginning. However after we asked her why she wanted to charge us $5 for our order when it would clearly be $4.50 she asked us not to confuse her and began to berate us with information about the ‘choices’ they offered with the different bagels and the different fillings. Right. Cool story. We just wanted a bagel with jam. How hard could that be?

But bless our server as she wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box because she decided to tell us about the schmear filled bagel that costed $6. And so we decided to not hold up the line any longer and gave her the $5 she thought she was charging us correctly.


So then we began waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And oh look one of the only two people preparing the food has left. Then waited again for a total of 15 to 20 minutes for my bagel and jam.



There was a couple who ordered before us and asked for a similar bagel with jam combo only to have one side of the bagel burnt. After they took their order to the corner and started eating it, my eyes followed them and from their facial expressions I knew that their bagel wasn’t great at all. Must have tasted quite burnt.

When we received and bit into ours we understood why. Maybe it was because dairy free or whatever other reason it might have been but the bagel was almost rock hard. I finally understood why the couples expressions was like that. It sucked. From ordering process to finished product. I’ve ever been dissatisfied to this extent about the places I’ve eaten at because I honest like to give the owners the benefit of the doubt. But this? Unacceptable.

We were very sad after eating this bagel that we had to get a cupcake ($4 each) to cheer us up from Sugar Deli. I believe we ordered the chocolate, fruit and nuts cupcake and it worked wonders in perking us up again.

The cupcake was incredibly dense and moist on the inside. The chocolate flavour worked so well with the fruits and nuts in the cake – it was basically perfect. So perfect in fact we tried to hunt Sugar Deli down on the Internet to see if they had a store we could purchase from if we ever needed a sugar fix.

Compared to our experience with the bagels, the cupcakes really made us leave the markets with a smile in our faces instead of the frown we were sporting just before.



I don’t think I’ll be attending The Finders Keepers Markets again until I can buy up and furnish my own place as I please. My experience at this markets was both happy and very disappointing but I’d like believe it was majority happy. 🙂

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