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My 2015 New Years Resolutions Tools

(From left to right) Composition by Excell, China Glaze Nail Lacquer in For Audrey and Cutex Quick’n Go! in French Porcelain, Personalised calling cards from Vistaprint (designed myself), VOSS sparkling water, Molly and Mimi 2015  A5 diary from Target, Blackmores Nails, Hair and Skin supplement 60pc, Sportsgirl Lip Colour in Catwalk Queen and My Beauty Diary sheet mask in Arbutin Whitening.


 New year = New me

Don’t kid yourself! Stop with that new year new me crap and deciding to suddenly be more healthy by going to the gym on the 2nd of January only to quit on the 9th just a week later. If you haven’t been one of these people, I can guarantee you know some of these people.

If you’re going to do something about yourself, try do it without the cheesy motivational quotes on Instagram or Facebook. Instead of putting on a show about what you’re going to do why not engrave your goals in your mind rather than just putting up a front for others to see.

They’re not the ones you have to convince.

You are!

For next year I plan on going about the things that I’ve already started – self actualisation, getting organised and focusing on my health and beauty.

“No one can give you the gift of knowledge except yourself and once you have that knowledge you will have it for the rest of your life.”

This is the advice that my father has always given me and too right he is! As people, we have to continually improve ourselves as we cannot always depend on others to do it for us. If the world was like this there would just be a bunch of people asking each other how to do things without anyone actually knowing! Your knowledge and intelligence is yours. It’s yours to keep and no one else can really have what you have so I want to build on that and nurture it.

Every year I buy a new diary as it signifies a fresh year of productivity and fun ahead. It’s a tangible thing that reminds me of what I need to do to get me where I want to be whilst remaining happy. This years diary has a wonderful message on the cover which makes perfect sense to me – “Make it happen”. I’ve graduated and now I will be entering the crazy 20s decade of my life which will be filled with a lot of changes.

Next year I also plan to continue working on my creativity, photography and image composition skills as a way of sharpening my brain and doing something I love. Those who love creativity and visuals cannot stand to be in the 9 to 5 grind most days of the week and I guess creativity is a way to take back some freedom.

Along with the improvement of my mind I will continue to improve my health and whilst I’m at it, my beauty too. They go hand in hand. Your health is your beauty. I will continue to drink lots of water to hydrate myself whilst supplementing my diet with the nutrients that it needs. I’ve even discovered a happy way to get my vitamins in by having gummy multi-vitamins. Yep, when it comes to pills and medicine we all become children who refuse to have them but with the gummy kind I’m very willing to take them. 🙂 Also I received a box of lovely face masks from my favourite face mask brand ‘My Beauty Diary’ as a Christmas gift so I most definitely will be more attentive to the needs of my skin.

Last but not least after I’ve talked about all the boring mind and health improvement things I also plan to add a pop of colour back into my life. Think brightly coloured nails and bubbly lip colours. I’m honestly not close to being brave enough to use the bright coloured lipsticks that I have stashed up in my drawers but not used like a squirrel would to a nut but I want to give it go. To be more adventurous, however small that step may be. Haha.

That’s all from me for this year!

Happy New Year to you guys and hope your year ahead will be wonderful and fulfilling. ❤

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I'm a Marketing professional by day, blogger by night and a beauty lover 24/7. My perfect day would consist of taking my sweet time putting on makeup, bargain hunting at secondhand markets, trying new cuisines and feeding stray kitties.

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