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Oddities #2 – Breakfast at Instagram

Coffee is romantic, warm and sophisticated.

Take Breakfast at Tiffany’s for example. Audrey Hepburn sure made it work and this same feeling shows through in the plethora of coffee pictures on Instagram however I’ve come to find one composition trend a wee bit daunting for my liking.

Mugs of coffee on white sheets in bed.

Whilst I do appreciate the warm feeling the image gives me, I find myself wondering if the photographers are ever scared to knock over the cup of pitch black coffee onto their snow-white manchester.

I know would! I adore silky white hotel-style bedding and know I could never bear to see anything close it that could compromise it’s perfection.

Look at all those beautiful accidents waiting to happen…


Coffee just how I’d like it. If I drank it more than four times a year that is.


A perfect example.


Poor book as well!


I hope that’s a ceramic mug. Heavier = harder to tip over.


Well at least someone had some sanity.

(Credit: Usernames are in image file name)

Which social media trend isn’t your cup of tea?

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