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The Pie Tin (Newtown, Sydney)


 To an Australian, the word pie is first associated with the rich gravy gooeyness of a meat pie, preferably beef. But a sweet pie?! Blasphemy! I recently took a trip to a well-known artisan pie cafe in the cool hub of the Inner West of Sydney. I compromised with the menu because I couldn’t bring myself to have a sweet pie, so I got a meat pie. 🙂

The Pie Tin – 1-1A Brown St, Newtown NSW 2042
Open Mon-Wed 10AM-8PM | Thur-Sat 10AM-10PM | Sun 10AM-6PM


The Pie Tin is located in a small side street off the main road and was quite easy to find. As the shop was just away from the hustle and bustle it provided a really nice getaway from the busy masses on a Saturday. However, despite the quiet laneway location, the inside of the shop was full and every seat was taken except for maybe 4. Luckily we were only 2 people.


From this full house my first impression was “This place must be good.”


A display of their selection of sweet pies. I heard their apple pie was the best. I can accept a sweet apple pie, I guess.


The Pie Tin has the nicest selection of meat and vegetable pies.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph I knew exactly the type of pie I wanted. Not a sweet one, especially since sweet pies would have a higher dose of lactose than I could handle for a proper first meal of the day.

Their selection of meat pies (and veggie pies too) was glorious. My mouth was watering at the sound of their names. Creamy chicken carbonara with mushroom, bacon and white wine sauce? Chunky steak and stout? Sicilian style chilli lovers sausage and pepperoni? *drools*

Choosing was a hard decision but we ended up getting the slow roast beef brisket with hickory smoke and mushroom. Also very yummy sounding.


While we were waiting for our order I noticed that the Pie Tin was true to their name. Much of the cutlery, plating and other details including the large communal table itself was made of metal and tin. I commend their serious commitment to uniformity and detail as I really think it brings everything together in the store as well as soothing those who are aesthetically OCPD. Ah bliss.


This whole meal for $13.50.

We ordered our pie as a meal combo with chips and gravy. Let me just say. The pie was marvelous! Filled to the brim with soft beef brisket meat in a lovely smokey flavoured sauce. The pastry wasn’t too thick or thin too. Although fresh chips are more-or-less the same at most establishments I appreciate the added flavour of their lovely gravy which I think was homemade as well.

I just love hearty meals like this.

You don’t make friends with salad.

The Pie Tin on Urbanspoon


Store: 8.5/10 the store was quite hip and cool, an industrial bare brick and metal feeling with the food as the main attraction – the seating was a bit rare as it was a busy Saturday

Menu: 8.5/10 The Pie Tin had a good selection of items to choose from and many of the items sounded delicious so much so that choosing my order was both pleasant and difficult at the same time

Waiting time: 8/10 the waiting time was fairly short, I’d say that less than 10 minutes had lapsed from sitting down to receiving our meal

Servers: 7.5-8/10 the servers were relatively patient with us and answered our questions about the combo meal

Value for money: 8/10 I usually evaluate value with a mixture of taste and amount I get because that determines if I can actually stomach the food and become full from it – this meal was very delicious and filling so thumbs up!

Taste: 9/10 it was a lovely meat pie and hearty flavourful meat filling – overall I couldn’t pick anything bad about the meal

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