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Easy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe



I have a love for chewy cookies. In the Chinese culinary repertoire, there doesn’t seem to be a section for making cookies or biscuits that aren’t a powdery and dry mass.

This is how the process for developing the Chinese cookie went:

Flour. Plenty!

Sugar. Plenty!

Peanut and/or sesame. Plenty!

Oil, butter or egg. Nah we save on money, use less.

And for the record I’m not bashing on the mother country cookie as these cookies are pretty tasty too. It’s just that I’m always having to catch the sprinkle of powder that comes with any bite and to finish it off, I must have some tea to help get the cookie down.

Ever tried the cinnamon challenge?

Neither have I,  but if I ever did it I’d imagine the experience to be something like Chinese powder cookies.

In order to combat this horrible lack of chewy cookie in my life, I decided to take it upon myself to (almost) perfect recipe on the classic choc chip cookie that I could use time and time again in case I ever got a hankering for some sweet cookie. Mmm.

Easy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

foodwithoutthesnobbery-chocchipcookierecipe8 I usually layer aluminium foil and then baking paper on top of it. You can easily grease the paper with some cooking spray.


You can prepare everything very quickly and have it ready for mixing.


First, mix all the wet ingredients together. Make sure to combine all the ingredients without any egg chunks. Remember, if you want flatter cookies put less egg or more melted butter into the wet ingredients.


The wet ingredients should look something like this.


Add in the dry ingredients a bit at a time. It’s very easy to make and you don’t need an electric mixer at all. In fact it’s better to do it by hand as you can control the texture.


The mixture begins liquid-like but then starts to combine with the flour. Trust me, it won’t be too runny.


The colour begins to show through and only gets better as you go.


When all the flour is mixed in, the texture should be something like this.


Add in the choc chips and mix through.


Drop the dough onto the baking paper using two spoons to pick up, shape and get the dough off both spoons. Bake for about 25 minutes on a low baking heat at about 160 °C. The slower it’s heated, the more moist and evenly it’s cooked. The edges should be a bit solid and if the centre is solid but slightly softer it’s perfect. You just have to leave it to cool.


And there we have it! The easiest chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever made with a moist and soft centre. No more breaking your teeth or grabbing a cup of tea to help wash the dryness down. 🙂

If you’ve enjoyed this post feel free to share this recipe provided you give credit where it is due.

Now go forth and make the most chewy and moist cookies you’ve ever laid taste buds on ❤


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  1. Hazel Vice says

    Chewy cookies are my fave! But it’s so hard to find a recipe that you know is guaranteed to be nice and soft in the middle. Excited to try these ❤ (Although maybe next weekend … I've already made brownies today!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay team chewy! Oh I certainly guarantee it will very soft in the middle. I hope to hear that yours turn out great too. Let me know how it goes ❤


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