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La Mama del Gelato Anita (Chippendale, Sydney CBD)


Gelato is like a timeless diamond. There can variants of jewels such as the ruby that is froyo or the extravagant black diamond that is the adorned nitrous gelato like N2 Extreme Gelato but no one can pass up a solid no-gimmick gelato such as Anita’s.

If you were like me and didn’t know about the origins of Anita Gelato, you’d be confused to know that its other name ‘La Mama del Gelato Anita’ is not from a Spanish origin because it isn’t Spanish at all. In fact its name suggests nothing of its fashionable status as the second biggest gelato chain in Israel.

Anita Gelato – RG15, Ground Floor, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008
Open every day 7AM-11:30PM


The location of Anita Gelato is both easy to find and not easy to find. It’s easy to find because it’s situated in the large modern Central Park shopping and apartment complex. However it’s a bit hard to find because if you didn’t know that it was right at the back of the building you’d be running along all the shopping centre floors trying to find it.

Nonetheless I’m sure you will be capable of finding it.

The interior of Anita Gelato was extravagant if I should put it in a single word, and perhaps Instagram worthy if you wanted to put it into two words. The classic high ceilings, mysterious black wooden cabinets, detailed gold accents on marble-look tables, gorgeous flooring and shiny silverware were luxurious to say the least. Seriously, my former aspiring interior designer cannot stop raving about the whole look.


Was I eating in a fancy-pants dessert parlour from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s era or was I just going about my normal life in the modern-day foodie and hipster-loving era of 2015? I’m not even sure anymore.

Anita Gelato boasts an array of delectable and mentally stimulating names for their gelato selection. I was making my choices without any difficulty but what was even better was that the servers seemed very encouraging for us to try a couple of flavours before we made our final choice.


As we were choosing I noticed that many of the “Ask our seller” flavours seemed to be half gone. Quite a good strategy to get people to try it and then add it their order I’d have to say! Our cup had three lovely flavours, all of which sounded awesome however in hindsight we probably should have chosen a yummier sounding flavour over the chocolate almond. Ferrero Rocher perhaps?


Chocolate Almond, Kinder Bueno and Cookies and Cream – Jumbo Cup $8

From the three flavours I sampled I can say that the flavour points (i.e. calories) in this thing are probably really high because my oh my was it delicious. My favourite flavour was the Kinder Bueno as they even managed to imitate the taste and texture of the cream inside the bar. At most places, when I order something boasting to be of the Kinder/Rocher variety it somehow equates to a generic hazelnut chocolate flavour but thankfully this wasn’t the case.

As the flavours weren’t cloyingly sweet, I gobbled up my half of the cup unlike my usual dessert rationing technique which allows my other half to wolf down most it. Heh heh, I seemed to have won this time around. Thanks Anita!

The gelato was so delicate and creamy that it melted along the sides while we took pictures of our order and by the time we worked through to the bottom of the cup it was a runny, sticky and sweet mess.

Anita Gelato on Urbanspoon


Store: 9.5/10 if you haven’t already realised I absolutely love the interior,  it’s a perfect luxurious cafe-style store that doesn’t feel as if they’re trying to push you out of the door as soon as you’ve purchased something

Menu: 8.5/10 the flavours offered sounded, looked and tasted gorgeous – I hope they have plenty of other flavours they’ll create in the future because it would most probably be on point

Waiting time: 8/10 as the store was very busy on a hot Saturday afternoon we had to wait a few minutes before any servers got to us

Servers: 8.5/10 the servers were very helpful and welcoming about us understanding and trying the choices and I didn’t feel rushed at all through the ordering process

Value for money: 7.5/10 the value for money for Anita Gelato, I daresay, was on a similar level with Cow and the Moon Artisan Gelato (check out my post on it here) – in my opinion, Cow and the Moon was a tiny bit pricier but were more generous with their portion sizes compared to Anita Gelato

Taste: 8.5/10 although the portion sizes for Anita are just a tiny bit smaller than I’d have hoped for, the taste and texture was wonderful

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