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7 Ideas for Gorgeous and Practical Mother’s Day Gifts

If I had to describe my mother in one word that would give any stranger a basic overview of her personality; it’d be PRACTICAL. My mother despises any wastage of money if it is spent on something she won’t use and quite frankly, she is instilling a great mindset in me. Cue saving and adult financial stability! Woot woot!

She’d rather have a meal than a bunch of flowers and a piece of clothing over makeup products. And most of all she’s the type that would rather give up her food than to see me hungry (even until today).

Because of her very sensible and practical personality, it is very difficult to buy gifts for her because half of the time she would end up not using any typical Mother’s Day gift you could get in store. In her exact words “Why waste money on a gift?”. It’s also due to my mum’s fussiness that I’ve been programmed to keep gifts super practical to ensure she will use them.

Here are my picks for some very practical gift ideas for a super fussy momma!

  1. Pink Cat iPhone Case from Typo $13
  2. Thank You for Being You Book from Kikki K $20 (No longer available)
  3. Portable Charger from Plox $68
  4. Coin Purse from Colette $10
  5. Dinnerware Set from Kmart $20
  6. 2015-2016 Personalised Weekly Planner from posypaper $26
  7. Lindt Chocolates $3-4

Get some smiles on your mother’s face this Mother’s Day! She deserves it.


Do you know how painful childbirth would have been for her?

I sure can’t. But I could only imagine! :S

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