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Review: My Beauty Diary Face Mask – Bird’s Nest Face Mask

My Beauty Diary Face Mask Birds Nest Review

I hope everyone’s had a great week so far since it is the start of silly season and Blogmas! Bring on the blog posts, feasts and sales shopping!

This instalment is on the My Beauty Diary Face Mask in the Bird’s Nest version. To cut the crap, bird’s nest isn’t actually the nest that you’re imagining. It’s the nest of a sparrow made of its own saliva, Linda says nonchalantly as she’s seen enough products made from it in her time. Haha but in all seriousness it’s a type of Asian herb? medicine? that is considered to be very nutritious and good for your skin whether consumed or directly applied.

My Beauty Diary Face Mask Birds Nest Review Ingredients

As you might have noticed, most face masks catered to the Western market are the wash off kind but for the East Asian market, sheet masks are queen. Although I use both types because of their different benefits, I find sheet masks to be easier to handle. With sheet face masks you don’t have to waste extra time washing any product off or have the issue with not washing some parts and leaving residue on your face.

My Beauty Diary Face Mask Birds Nest Review

My Beauty Diary Mask in Bird’s Nest – retails around $15 for a box of 10

With sheet masks you open the packet, remove mask and slap it on your face. After your time is up you just rip it off and throw the mask away. Easy peasy!

My preferred sheet mask maker is My Beauty Diary which is a Taiwanese brand and their face masks are very well known across the whole of Asia. In fact when I was holidaying in Taiwan, my tour guide ourightly told a lady that she definitely wasn’t one of the first that’s asked him about where to get boxes of them by a long shot.

What did I learn from this? This stuff makes people travel to Taiwan to stock up and rightly so because these babies are awesome!

RANDOM BEAUTY TIP: If you’re like me and hate cold stuff touching your face especially in Winter here’s a nice way around that. Run some warm to water and chuck the packet on it to heat it up before you put it on. I usually use these masks as an extra treat on top of my hot bath so I just chuck it into my bath water while I’m soaking.

Sheet Mask in My Beauty Diary Face Mask Birds Nest Review

When you first open up a My Beauty Diary face mask you will see a loooooot of hydrating essence on the sheet mask. I would add some more o’s to emphasise exactly how much if I could. In fact you can already feel all the liquid squishing around inside the packet even before you open it. 

Removing these face sheets from its packet drags out a lot of liquid the mask in soaked in and even after that there’s still heaps at the bottom of the packet.

Inside of My Beauty Diary Face Mask Birds Nest Review

Right after I put on one of these face masks I apply some of the left over essence in the packet on my neck area and then lay down. I have to lie down because it’s not possible for my face to soak these masks up before little dribbles of the excess essence come down my face and neck. I won’t let gravity get the best of my pampering experience.

The moisturising essence of this face mask has this texture similar to liquid emulsions which is a bit slippery and stick but not in a disgusting way. The scent of this mask is sweet, refreshing and I’m not sure if this is a good way to explain a certain scent but it reminds me of the smell of money.

Essence on Skin My Beauty Diary Face Mask Birds Nest Review

The recommended time to leave on the My Beauty Diary face mask for 20 to 30 minutes but I usually wear it until I feel the mask is no longer cool and has dried up reasonably (which is about 40 minutes).

After removing the face mask, my skin is moist and hydrated beyond the level it can handle. By slowly massaging my skin, the essence eventually dries to a pleasant non-greasy or sticky finish that’s very close to the feeling of a naturally moisturised skin.

My Beauty Diary Face Mask Worn on Face Birds Nest Review

Close Up on My Beauty Diary Face Mask Birds Nest Review

In terms of short term effects of this mask, it does give my skin a good pampering and surge of moisture. Due to the fact that I haven’t used face masks enough over the years or haven’t aged enough yet, I can’t make a statement on any long term benefits of this face mask.

Product 8.5/10


  • Very generous amount of mask essence
  • Leaves skin very moisturised and smooth
  • Non greasy or stick after it’s soaked into the skin


  • The cut outs doesn’t quite fit my face
  • A pro can also be a con because there is too much mask essence which is a bit of a waste

Packaging 9/10

I really can’t pick anything interesting about the packaging of a sheet mask. It serves it’s purpose well and looks pretty cute by imitating the lines in an traditional diary in which you’d write Chinese characters.

Would I buy it again?

I think it goes to show how much I love these but I’ve already bought this mask again. Yay for stocking up.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions about this line of face masks from Taiwan.

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