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Review: Mon Purse Personalised Leather Bag Pouch

Mon Purse Small Monogrammed Leather Bag Black

I know the same girls who enjoy the minimalistic chic look are the same ones that have been eyeing the gorgeous monogrammed leather bags and accessories on Instagram lately. I speak from experience.

Apart from the obvious fact that personalised leather bags are just classic, they are basically anti-theft. Really thief, your initials are the same as mine?

Mon Purse Instagram

I have always craved the look of these fancy embossed or monogrammed items but have never actually pushed myself to get one.

This whole year I’ve been on something like a spending ban but it’s really more like the trying-to-save goal for my first home. And I’m glad to report that the increase in this years savings my future home is safe…within a strained reach for me after a fair few years because ‘Sydney’ that’s why.

To treat myself for being so strict on my spending this year, I ordered my very first personalised leather pouch from Mon Purse, an Australian accessories brand who sources their leather products from Europe.

As I’ve been having a ridiculous infatuation with black and gold hardware I decided to get this pouch in the same colour scheme. My new pouch has now been added to my current collection of my wallet, coin purse, two pairs of shoes, my sunglasses, a blouse and perhaps a few more items.

Too much of a good thing is really great.

Mon Purse Small Monogrammed Leather Bag Black

Mon Purse Small Gold Monogrammed Initials Leather Bag Zipper

My pouch feels slightly heavy due to the high-quality leather material. The outer leather is soft and flexible while the inside is made of a luxurious suede which terrifies me in the event I spill something inside it.

I usually look at the zippers of a bag as an indicator of good quality by seeing if they open smoothly. Nothing is worse than a good bag with a bad zipper that you cannot open or close properly but luckily I have no problem with that with this pouch.

My initials are the key feature on this leather pouch as it is gorgeously embossed with contrasting gold letters that are really striking against the black leather.

Mon Purse Small Gold Monogrammed Initials Leather Bag Black

The inside of the pouch has two sleeves, one for your phone and one for cards on the side of the pouch. My Samsung S5 fits great in the phone pocket with some room to spare so I think even the largest of phones can fit in it too.

Mon Purse Small Gold Monogrammed Initials Leather Bag Inside

Mon Purse Small Gold Monogrammed Initials Leather Bag Label

Mon Purse Small Monogrammed Leather Bag Flatlay

This pouch is so versatile as a clutch. My phone, card wallet, keys, powder foundation, lipstick and some pills fit in this pouch comfortably. I’m absolutely in love with this pouch as it’s so classically stylish and will likely be with me for many years to come.

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I'm a Marketing professional by day, blogger by night and a beauty lover 24/7. My perfect day would consist of taking my sweet time putting on makeup, bargain hunting at secondhand markets, trying new cuisines and feeding stray kitties.


  1. Cee says

    Not sure about the correct info regarding where its made. At Mon Purse the girl at myer told me they send the product to be made in Turkey so its not Australian Made. Just a couple of designers in Sydney. So check I was told Made in Turkey then sent back to Melbourne or Sydney. This is important if we are looking to buy a made in Australia product. 🙂 cheers C.

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    • Yes that’d correct! They’re an Australian owned company who sources their products overseas. On their website they do mention they source from Europe so perhaps they are referring to Turkey as a part of Europe. 😊


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