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Review: Nivea Fruity Shine Peach Lip Balm and Swatch

nivea fruity shine peach lip balm

I’ve always been a big fan of the Nivea range when it comes to lip balms because they just work for me. It’s really like saying goodbye to dry lips with a lick of their balm leaving me ready for applying lipstick or wearing it on its own.

In this post, I’ll be quickly reviewing the Peach flavour from Nivea’s Fruit Shine lip balm range. As this is the first one I’ve tried from this particular range I can tell you straight off the bat that these balms smell absolutely divine! Best smelling lip product I have ever used – hands down.

nivea fruity shine peach lip balm

Now when restocking lip balms I usually go for the original or moisturising balm from the Nivea range but I decided to try this Peach flavour because

  1. I love peaches
  2. I wanted a hint of colour on my lips without applying an extra product

As the range’s name suggests, these lip balms give a subtle shine on your lips with its formula and the fine little glittery flecks embedded in it.

When applied this lip balm feels quite thin and liquidy and not so much like an industrial strength barrier so I don’t feel like this would be a good product for those needing extra moisture on their lips. This Nivea lip balm absorbs and rubs off the lips pretty quickly which I don’t really mind because it just means it softens my lips faster on initial application then needing small touch ups throughout the day.

In terms of scent, this lip balm smells exactly like a glass of peach iced tea which is one of my favourites flavours so 100 thumbs up for this! As for the tint of colour I wanted from this Nivea lip balm, I would say that it didn’t give me much of a difference due to my naturally dark lips and the thin formula.

nivea fruity shine peach lip balm swatch

Little bit of shine and colour

All in all this lip balm is a great everyday lip saviour that would work best for people with slightly dry lips. For those who need a more potent product or those like myself wanting a good all-in-one product with a tint of colour to perk up your face then this lip balm won’t be for you.

Product 6/10


  • Easily absorbed
  • Adds a nice shine to your lips
  • Delicious scent


  • Thin formula that needs more frequent application
  • Weak tint of colour

Packaging 10/10

The packaging is perfect for me since the lip and the tube are big enough not to lose. I’ve never had any issues with getting the product out of the tube although there is a common problem with these types of tubes from Nivea which is that you can never ever get that last bit stuck at the base of the tube.

Would I buy it again?

I wouldn’t purchase this lip balm again anytime soon although I really love the scent of it. In comparison, the regular range of Nivea provides better moisturisation and staying power over this peach lip balm.

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