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Review: Cyber Colors Dry Spongie Cleaner for Brushes

Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner Metal Container

Clean Makeup Brushes with Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

I admit it. Putting off cleaning makeup brushes for a ‘tomorrow’ that never comes is all rosy and sunshine…until I have to get ready and realise, to my horror, that I’ve got exactly 1 clean makeup brush left to use.

Do I want a mix of contour powder in my blush? Perhaps an opaque jet black shadow to double up as a transition shade?

Mmm that’s a NO from me.

I think at that stage of desperation I would be clutching for a short term solution to fix the problem at hand. And fortunately, I have the perfect answer to right here!

This weird magical Cyber Color Dry Spongie Cleaner thing. Yes, that’s really what it’s called.

Clean Makeup Brushes with Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

The story behind this product was that my friend recently visited Hong Kong and decided to pick this up for me while she was shopping her heart out in Sasa (which is basically the equivalent of Sephora in Asia). From my first glance at the packaging of the Cyber Colors dry spongie cleaner, I thought it worked something like an instant nail polish remover tubs – a sponge that was soaked in some solution that would help clean the brush and then quickly evaporate off leaving the brush dry as a bone.

After having a closer read at the description I realised that it was actually just a sponge. At this point, I was now exceptionally curious about how well it would possibly work considering you weren’t technically ‘cleaning’ any product off the brush.

I had never seen nor heard of these makeup brush cleaners, however, after a bit of research, I found that the Cyber Colors dry spongie cleaner looked exactly like a more popular makeup brush cleaning product called Vera Mona Color Switch sponge. The Cyber Colours version of the dry makeup brush cleaner looked exactly the same as it had a black sponge ring with a bit of white foam in the middle also.

On the packaging, the Cyber Colors Dry Spongie Cleaner claims that when you clean your makeup brushes with it:

  •  It doesn’t require water
  • Allows you to switch colors easily and quickly (they claim it only takes 3 seconds)
  • Causes no damage to your makeup brushes
  • Is reusable and washable
Instructions for Cleaning Makeup Brushes with Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

Description and instructions for the Cyber Colors Dry Spongie Cleaner

Clean Brushes with Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

Same black sponge with white foam in the middle as the Vera Mona Color Switch sponge

The large black sponge ring is the main section used for cleaning makeup brushes. When you take a close look it is quite coarse and porous while slightly stiff and rough to touch. I assumed that this rough surface was what helped to scrape products off the makeup brushes since there was no chemical solution to help lift products off the bristles.

The white circle in the middle is a dense firm foam and is used to check if the brushes are clean enough for you to begin dipping into the next product.

Close up of Sponge Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

Close up of Cyber Colours Dry Spong Brush Cleaner

Close up of the makeup cleaner sponge ‘pores’

Clean Dirty Makeup Brushes

To test out how well the dry sponge cleaned brushes, I loaded my already-dirty makeup brush with some pigmented contour powder and blush and began running the brush along the surface of the cleaning sponge.

While you’re rubbing the brush on the sponge, it feels quite smooth and doesn’t feel like it’s catching any of the bristles or pulling on them. I think that confirms their claim that it isn’t damaging to makeup brushes! Definitely good news for my precious Luxie Beauty brushes. 🙂

Cleaning Makeup Brushes with Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

Close up of Residue from Cleaning Makeup Brushes with Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

Makeup product cleaned off the brush

Dirty Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

After going over the sponge a few times with the brush, quite a lot of makeup residue and powder became lodged in between the large holes of the sponge. I was actually surprised because I didn’t realise how much product I put on the brush in the first place!

In terms of how fast it worked, I wouldn’t say it took as short as 3 seconds like they claimed but it was definitely under 10 seconds if you were super thorough about it.

To double check to see how clean the makeup brush was after using the sponge I vigorously rubbed it into a piece of tissue and found very little colour left on the brush. I also tapped out some of the product from the cleaning sponge and found that the makeup that came off the brushes had now become little gritty balls of the powder which easily fell out of the sponge.

Since the tissue was very white, it was quite easy to see the colour that still on the brush but if I were using it on my face I’d definitely not be able to tell there was much residue at all.

Overall, I feel like this product would be extremely handy if you were in a rush and just needed a quick switch of colour, however, as most you would also agree, giving your brushes a proper wash and dry would be best to keep them squeaky clean and hygienic.

Residue from Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

Residue from Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner

Balls of powder that came off the makeup brush

Product 9/10


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Not messy at all and everything’s held in the tin
  • Cleans very well with little residue left on the brushes


  • Packaging is quite chunky – probably not a thing you’d want to travel with

Packaging 7/10

The shiny metal container looks very slick and minimalistic while the lid is very tightly sealed for extra safety from the mess.

I feel like the sponge didn’t need to be as thick as it is and would still work the same if it were halved in thickness so that the container could be slimmer in size making it easier to travel with.

Would I buy it again?

I probably wouldn’t need to in all honesty! This dry brush cleaning sponge seems very durable and can be washed with a little bit of water, dried and then reused over and over again.

Thanks for reading! Would you try this or prefer to wash and clean under all circumstances?

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  1. There are porous sponges you can find at dollar stores that can serve a similar purpose. Just giving you a cheapskate alternative… Hahaha! 😛

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