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Mon Purse Small Monogrammed Leather Bag Black

Review: Mon Purse Personalised Leather Bag Pouch

I know the same girls who enjoy the minimalistic chic look are the same ones that have been eyeing the gorgeous monogrammed leather bags and accessories on Instagram lately. I speak from experience. Apart from the obvious fact that personalised leather bags are just classic, they are basically anti-theft. Really thief, your initials are the same as mine? I have always craved the look of these fancy embossed or monogrammed items but have never actually pushed myself to get one. This whole year I’ve been on something like a spending ban but it’s really more like the trying-to-save goal for my first home. And I’m glad to report that the increase in this years savings my future home is safe…within a strained reach for me after a fair few years because ‘Sydney’ that’s why. To treat myself for being so strict on my spending this year, I ordered my very first personalised leather pouch from Mon Purse, an Australian accessories brand who sources their leather products from Europe. As I’ve been having a ridiculous infatuation with black and …

Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe (Newtown, Sydney)

I have to admit, I love stumbling across good food pictures on Instagram. To me, Instagram is a highly visual and more predictable stumble upon for anything in your life. Want some delicious looking food in a photo that someone has painstakingly propped, rotated and lit up to perfection? You know they got you covered. Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe – 199 King Street Newtown NSW Open Mon to Fri 9AM-11PM, Fri Sat 9AM-12AM and 10AM-11PM

Bourke Street Bakery (Surry Hills, Sydney)

Would it make me a horrible person to say I didn’t actually want to come to Bourke Street Bakery? Not because of the food, or any unfavourable reviews (on the contrary, the reviews said it was great) but because of my habitual hate for going out of my natural way and trekking to a place to eat. In my 21st century take-and-take-more mentality, having to head to a place specifically for its food and nothing else seems an awful waste of effort. I really give props to all the real foodies in the world whose passions lead them to go as far as they can. Kudos. Bourke Street Bakery – 633 Bourke Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Open 7AM-6PM on weekdays and 7AM-5PM on weekends

La Mama del Gelato Anita (Chippendale, Sydney CBD)

Gelato is like a timeless diamond. There can variants of jewels such as the ruby that is froyo or the extravagant black diamond that is the adorned nitrous gelato like N2 Extreme Gelato but no one can pass up a solid no-gimmick gelato such as Anita’s. If you were like me and didn’t know about the origins of Anita Gelato, you’d be confused to know that its other name ‘La Mama del Gelato Anita’ is not from a Spanish origin because it isn’t Spanish at all. In fact its name suggests nothing of its fashionable status as the second biggest gelato chain in Israel. Anita Gelato – RG15, Ground Floor, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008 Open every day 7AM-11:30PM