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Mon Purse Small Monogrammed Leather Bag Black

Review: Mon Purse Personalised Leather Bag Pouch

I know the same girls who enjoy the minimalistic chic look are the same ones that have been eyeing the gorgeous monogrammed leather bags and accessories on Instagram lately. I speak from experience. Apart from the obvious fact that personalised leather bags are just classic, they are basically anti-theft. Really thief, your initials are the same as mine? I have always craved the look of these fancy embossed or monogrammed items but have never actually pushed myself to get one. This whole year I’ve been on something like a spending ban but it’s really more like the trying-to-saveย goal for my first home.ย And I’m glad to report that the increase in this years savings my future home is safe…within a strained reach for me after a fair few years because ‘Sydney’ that’s why. To treat myself for being so strict on my spending this year, I ordered my very first personalised leather pouch from Mon Purse, an Australian accessories brand who sources their leather products from Europe. As I’ve been havingย a ridiculous infatuation with black and …