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Mon Purse Small Monogrammed Leather Bag Black

Review: Mon Purse Personalised Leather Bag Pouch

I know the same girls who enjoy the minimalistic chic look are the same ones that have been eyeing the gorgeous monogrammed leather bags and accessories on Instagram lately. I speak from experience. Apart from the obvious fact that personalised leather bags are just classic, they are basically anti-theft. Really thief, your initials are the same as mine? I have always craved the look of these fancy embossed or monogrammed items but have never actually pushed myself to get one. This whole year I’ve been on something like a spending ban but it’s really more like the trying-to-save goal for my first home. And I’m glad to report that the increase in this years savings my future home is safe…within a strained reach for me after a fair few years because ‘Sydney’ that’s why. To treat myself for being so strict on my spending this year, I ordered my very first personalised leather pouch from Mon Purse, an Australian accessories brand who sources their leather products from Europe. As I’ve been having a ridiculous infatuation with black and …

Why I’ve Stopped Wearing High Heels And Why You Should Too!

Why should I do more harm to the body than it will already have to suffer due to the very inevitable process of ageing itself?
I have to admit, high heels look awesome and sexy when you wear them (once in a while) but to force your feet into such unnatural positions for the sake of ‘beauty’? No thanks. Maybe we can all discuss the meaning of beauty in the future when our bodies are riddled with all these high heel related problems.