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Cyber Colours Dry Brush Cleaner Metal Container

Review: Cyber Colors Dry Spongie Cleaner for Brushes

I admit it. Putting off cleaning makeup brushes for a ‘tomorrow’ that never comes is all rosy and sunshine…until I have to get ready and realise, to my horror, that I’ve got exactly 1ย clean makeup brush left to use. Do I want a mix of contour powder in my blush? Perhaps an opaque jet black shadow to double up as a transition shade? Mmm that’s a NO from me. I think at that stage of desperation I would be clutching for a short term solution to fix the problem at hand. And fortunately,ย I have the perfect answer to right here! This weird magical Cyber Color Dry Spongieย Cleaner thing. Yes, that’s really what it’s called. The story behind this product was that my friend recently visited Hong Kong and decided to pick this up for me while she was shopping her heart out in Sasa (which is basically the equivalent of Sephora in Asia). From my first glance at the packaging of the Cyber Colors dry spongie cleaner, I thought it worked something like an instant …